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“I heavily promoted through Facebook and Twitter. The strategy I employ is simple, frequent posts, as in every hour, on the hour. Because all your fans are not online at the same time, you have to cater to them. ” – @souseman

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Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW TIM SOUCY
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

The challenges with social media…
have not been a huge obstacle for me. It really helps to have kids that can get you up to par with the new app’s. I enjoy 146,000 Twitter followers and 175,000 Reverberation fans. My Facebook has received many likes, the numbers started to explode after my last radio interview in 2014. I love the new media and have embraced the fact I’m now in a global market. This has spawned many new relationships for me around the world. My music has been heard by more people in the last two years than at any time in my life. I just love it!!

What factors contributed to your 2014 fan base boost?
New Music Inferno with John Rankin in 2014 Oct.And do you feel that was the only contributor. Where there any other services or strategies that helped you with a boost.
There were many factors involved, including the release of my forth album “On the next train outta here”.  I heavily promoted through Facebook and Twitter. The strategy I employ is simple, frequent posts, as in every hour, on the hour. Because all your fans are not online at the same time, you have to cater to them. There are services you can use that will do this for you, however I do what I can myself.
I find that reaching out to piers such as musicians can be helpful. I usually respond back to everybody. My Twitter account is mostly a follow-back account. Fans have tweeted me directly, I find being accessible is key.
What are your top 3 music marketing tips for facebook?
Facebook can be a little more personal, friends can repost your material. Detailed stories about your musical endeavors can keep your friends and family updated and interested. Keeping people interested matters. Doing give-aways can be a great idea, make your new single available to your friends and family for download for a limited communicated time.
Tips for Managing Reverbnation
Reach out to your reverbnation fans, keep it interesting and fresh. Being personable can make your fans feel closer to you. Collaborations with musicians from around the world can make a difference in the audience you reach. Don’t just fan people take a moment to see the huge amount of talent out there in the world. I am inspired by the incredible musicians I have met through Reverbnation. Never stop learning, never stop growing as an artist.

My story goes back to the age of 15..
when my brother and I would stand in the mirror with our tennis rackets pretending to be Lennon & McCartney, I was John. We would sing to Beatle songs and poke fun at our imitated British accents.

Never looked back after getting a guitar for Christmas that year. I soon discovered Jimi Hendrix and became obsessed with the guitar. I also took interest in drum lessons, bass, keyboards, as well as many brass instruments. I wrote my own songs and performed in the basement and garage.

I went to Bluejay Recording Studios in Carlisle Ma. after graduating high school for 24-track recording and was soon experimenting with the craft of recording. I loved the idea of multi-tracking because I could do all the instruments myself. We were soon playing gigs in places we were told would not hire original bands. We broke the mold and were booked for a decade with top bands in the New England area. I did all the booking.

Those bands have since disbanded sending most of it’s players back into the cover scene. I never wanted or desired to play cover songs and have always tried to be true to myself. I am the songwriter and choose not to promote other bands material. I went solo in 2012. I now feel I have a name for the first time in my life, I’m not just a band member. My goal was to produce and record all the songs I’d written over the years. In 2014, in just two short years, I have developed fans from around the world of all ages. My latest album “On The Next Train Outta Here” debut on the iTunes charts at number 12 for new alternative releases. I am very excited and I look forward to my next release.


Home of the Brave…
was written for the veterans and service members around the world. I don’t like war but am humbled by the men and women that put their lives on the line in the name of freedom. These brave men and women should always be remembered. I had a veteran mother listen to the song while it was in it’s first stages and it brought her to tears. My job was done and my message came across strong. My first attempt was to record a folk version of the song. I couldn’t get the song out of my head, it was simple and very catchy with nice melodies. After a month of sleeping on the song, I had a notion to produce it with a bigger than life sound, production drumming, many keyboards, lead guitars, as well as a heavier rhythm guitar track. I enlisted my brother Jamie to play the drums. I would play all the guitars, keyboards, as well as the vocals. I ended up with about Forty+ tracks of music to mix down. Wow! What a project and my biggest mix yet in the box, which is on my laptop only. It does amaze me as to how far technology has come since I learned to record in analog.


New England, NH…
I have always lived in New England, in NH, about 50 miles North of Boston MA. The music scene here has always been very competitive. Lots of bands coming out of NY and Boston. Many varieties of talented musicians made up the bar scene. We never shied away from opening up for the biggest bands in the area and developed our own following with a band called The Brotherhood.

I really enjoy nature, mountain views, beaches, big cities, fishing and hunting. I usually bring my folk guitar and a note pad wherever I go to capture the inspiring moments on paper with some chords attached. I still love going to concerts to watch my piers and inspirations continue to flourish.

I started out being influenced by the Beatles…
I listened to the entire collection over and over. Through-out the Seventies there were so many great influences. Jimi Hendrix reached new horizons with the guitar. Jeff Beck, Carlos Santana, along with bands like Yes and ELP. I loved the idea of the rock opera style compositions. Then came Rush, Boston and Van Halen. Eddie Van Halen was a new breed along with Randy Rhoads. I was blessed to have had two great guitar influences, Jim, the other Jeff. Both of these guys were classmates in high school. Jim played clean, Jeff played mean and both started playing and taking lessons at the age of Seven. I felt I had the best of both worlds and friend-ed both and put myself in the middle. My style today combines both styles, clean and mean. Steve Lukather and Larry Carlton have been my main influence since the 80’s. I modeled my guitar sound after them. They continue to inspire me today, being in my opinion, the greatest session guitar players of my time.


Playing with styles…
I continue to enjoy many different musical styles today and have felt the need to tweak my style to reach across the isles, you could say. I recently did a rap song for the first time. I continue to challenge myself and my styles of producing songs. I never wanted to make music that you could be characterized by one single style.


My personal definition of success has nothing to do with music and everything to do with my family and my Two beautiful sons. Their success is mine. From a musical point of view, I became successful when I first started playing my original music live. My success today has far surpassed my expectations going from a parent back to a musician and releasing 54 songs since 2012. My Fifth album is now in the works.


I fear…
never being able to hold my babies again, family runs deep. I write so they can always know my feelings forever.


What’s Ahead…
I am currently working on numerous tracks for my up and coming Fifth album. I don’t have a title yet, but am looking forward to many more musical styles being introduced. I’m also producing and playing for my son Jonathan, who goes by Dr Souc. We have just released his Third album. I also am looking forward to some engagements this fall. Playing out live definitely brings a different essence of musical understanding when it comes to the artist. I love to ad lib and can pull off lead guitar solo’s to any style of music, off the cuff. I may want to perform rock and or acoustic sets and I’m looking forward to continuing to grow my base of fans. At the end of the day, it’s all about the music.


My name is Tim Soucy, I’m an all original artist. I enjoy many styles of music and have been influenced by many different musicians. 
I went solo in 2012 and have released Several Singles and Four albums to date. I am currently working on album number (5)Five. 
My music can be purchased worldwide on iTunes, Amazon, cdbaby.com as well as all the streaming services such as spotify, etc.

Hit me up for a lead jam to your song dtsrcks@aol.com

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