I feel like the music business has morphed into an unrecognizable animal
since I first started recording. I went to school in Los Angeles at the Musician’s Institute & took some music business courses & I bet the course material hardly looks the same! It’s crazy @zanyalaurence

Live Interview

by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

Zanya Laurence

I feel like the music business has morphed into an unrecognizable animal
since I first started recording. I went to school in Los Angeles at the Musician’s Institute & took some music business courses & I bet the course material hardly looks the same! It’s crazy. Well, there are the fundamentals of promotion & marketing, but those evolve too over time… but honestly, I don’t think too much about it. It is what it is. It’s ever-changing. As a musician, I think you just have to embrace it. Do your homework & lean into it. Who knows, maybe it’ll circle back around like fashion does…

This whole experience of figuring out
that I’m going to be making music for the rest of my life & then doing it has been a non-stop ride full of emotional highs & low’s. I think any kind of artist can appreciate that. Pro’s: It’s hard work, but it’s so incredibly rewarding, exciting & fulfilling! Listening to that new track you recorded or playing it live & seeing everyone’s reaction is a feeling of sheer joy. Con’s: You’re constantly trying to be at your best creatively, even when you go through phases in your life where you’ve hit a wall & you can’t write or your studio computer crashed. So, you keep yourself busy, networking, researching marketing strategies, booking gigs, promoting your music etc. Then you’re either getting shot down, butting heads with a musician, being criticized or being told you can’t do it or you’re wasting your time. Whatever the case, it can take a huge emotional toll. You have to be really strong in this business & that means constantly being able to pick yourself up, dust yourself off & keep pushing forward. But that’s what makes the fruits of labor so sweet!

Sometimes it’s hard not to get down on yourself & stay positive.
I mean, we’re only human, right? Honestly, I tend to beat myself up if I’m not moving forward. So what I do when I’m struggling or I’m in a rut, is I work. If I can’t write a good song about it, then I’ll dive into what I can do. Sometimes I need to step away all together & work on something else. I paint too, so when I can’t find the words I look for my paintbrush!

Off the top of my head, Lauryn Hill.
She was such a big inspiration to me when I was discovering myself as a recording artist. Always dropping knowledge & speaking from her heart. Or, India Arie. I would love to hear her sing live with just her guitar. Her voice is of the Earth! I’m also a huge fan of Esthero. She’s not as well known, but she is so unique & fearless. I just really appreciate that in an artist. I wish I could be more like that sometimes…

Like just about every other musician ever,
I loved music growing up. I played in band, sang in choir & took creative writing classes. But my fate was forever altered when I was 17. I had a job at a call center in Albuquerque & one day as I was leaving, there was a group of people rapping & singing outside. You know, just messing around. I felt instantly drawn to it. I walked over & complimented one of the rappers on his freestyle. We started chatting & I threw in that I like to sing & write. He was like, “No way! Well, I have a buddy that has a studio not too far from here. You should come vibe with us one day” & the rest is history!

Stellar Love/ Release date 11-11-16
Music video coming soon!

This song is about that universal connection between 2 people:
Love, searching for love, falling in it & rolling around in it. It’s been a while since I wrote a feel good love song. I don’t think it’s too gooey though, which keeps it fun. I got the beat from a long-time friend/producer Kool E.D. & immediately wanted to write to it. I really wanted to do something kind of futuristic & fun, but also sexy! The single will be released in just a few short weeks & will be available on all major online music retailers, but please visit my website for more detailed information & make sure you sign up for my mailing list to be the 1st to know & receive exclusive perks!

So, right now I am finishing up my 3rd album,
which I plan to release early next year. In the meantime, I am releasing the 1st single (which you just heard) from my new LP this November 11th! I’m really excited about it because I think it’s a peek into the window of the artist I’ve evolved into over the years. My last album was released in 2012, so it’s been a long road & I just feel like this album really digs into who I am & who I want to be. I think a lot of people will be able to relate to that aspect of it. I also feel good about this album because I got to really have fun with some of these tracks. As always, I like to arrange the songs on my albums so that they tell a story. It’s funny, I was actually just saying the other day how it’s a shame that in this day in age where everything is focused more on digital singles than full length records, we unfortunately lose the art of the album. But I still love hearing my favorite albums from start to finish!


I’m originally from San Diego & grew up in Albuquerque,
but I’ve been here in Denver for just over 5 years. The music scene is legit. Obviously, it’s not NY or LA but there’s always a bunch of stuff going on. There are tons of venues downtown & up and down Colfax. There’s always a music festival or something happening, so local musicians definitely stay busy! If I have to recommend one place to go to hear live music, I would say Red Rocks Amphitheatre hands down! Being out there in the open, looking over the Denver city lights while you’re jamming to some awesome music is just such a cool, one of a kind experience.


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