I feel the music business now is more of an open market
of everybody trying to make or become the next big thing but are losing the main purpose along the way; to actually make music. Being your own label kind of ensures that your message gets to people because you control it @RealHazebrown

Live Interview 

Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW HAZE BROWN
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

Haze Brown

I feel the music business now is more of an open market
of everybody trying to make or become the next big thing but are losing the main purpose along the way; to actually make music. Being your own label kind of ensures that your message gets to people because you control it. You aren’t worried about having to make a watered down song because you gotta get some radio play; your fans will get up in the radio enough to request you on their station. The music business has changed and artists are starting to get more in control, yet it’s still hurdles to get over when it comes to getting this type of Hip Hop heard.

The cons that I have experienced have been used to make my pros,
so it’s a Ying yang type of way I see things. The biggest cons I have faced in music however, are the lack of trust with people I’ve encountered since making music. A lot, but not all, of people I have worked with over the year have not been honest with me, from wanting to collaborate on songs, to the everyday workings of keeping a label together. I have ran into more people trying to come up by using others or by stepping on others toes like that’s the way it’s supposed to be and it’s not. The pros that I have experienced have been just seeing the smiles on people’s faces when they hear my music and how it touches them. To see people enjoy what I put on wax and how they relate or just entertained by my skills really is a plus for me.

I try and use every negative experience to make music relatable to it,
that way if it’s somebody out there that has been through what I have or relate to it will know that it’s somebody out there who knows what you’re going through or been through. You’re not alone and it’s not over as long as you have another day on earth to start again. 2016 has been rough for myself and others and I know all that I’ve been through, somebody out there has a problem too and just want to listen to someone who’s been there.

I would love to have 5 minutes alone with Michael Jackson.
I would love to know what makes him write the songs he’s done, what are the inspirations behind his songs, and just who he is as a person. I have always admired MJ for how he pours his heart on a track or how he picks a track that touches your soul and I want to know all about that. I would love just to be able to pick his mind and see his creative side along with his personal side.

My inspiration for making music comes from being a fan
of all different kinds of music and loving the creative and emotional side of making songs. The fact that you can pour your heart out on a song and somebody out there can feel that energy has always intrigued me to share my thoughts with the world. Another major influence to my music is my best friend and fellow artist J Sweetz. J was the first one to show me the passion and structure in making songs and expressing yourself on a track.


My song C3 is a song that is close to me
because I talk about my passion of comic books and Cartoons so well and precise that I wanted the world to hear it. It was really meant for the comic geeks and nerds like myself that love Hip Hop and love Comics just as much. Both universes go hand in hand with each other, sort of like the cousins that you are really cool with that love to hang with each other but rarely do. C3 is an ode to my admiration of Comics and how they helped me become the lyricist I am today. The one part that stood out to me when I wrote it was how I wrote the hook and bridge for it. They were originally the other way around and I said them on the track backwards by mistake. It sounded better than how I written it down, so I just went with it.

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I’m working on an album and an EP right now.
My album is titled Kill Your TV and a superhero themed EP title TBA. Kill Your TV is my more serious album dedicated to what we’re facing as African Americans in this country right now. It’s a call to arms and to not believe what the media and what’s on TV to tell you the truth. You gotta get your facts and look and dig for the truth. It’s a vision of how a channel would be if it was telling the real 24/7 with no filter! I’m working on my first single from that project to release soon. Kill Your TV will be one of my more intense projects next year and my trials of a superhero admirer will be my more lighter side. My not yet named EP will focus on my take of heroes of all shapes and sizes. That project is more for those who love Comics, Pop culture and other geeked out things, so it’s not anything that’s what’s out in mainstream and on the radio but I wanna change that. I want this project to be like a lyrical comic book set to beats and rhythms that’s enjoyed by the listener.


I live in Irvington New Jersey.
The music scene out here is not really the best to be honest. You got to go out to Jersey City or into New York to get some real stage time. It’s a few movements in Jersey that support Hip Hop like The Break A Leg Productions movement in Jersey City ran by Kosan. I’ve done a few shows with him and it’s always been a packed house filled with the best audience you could find that loves Hip Hop. Very energetic!


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