He’s one of the biggest movie stars in Hollywood. He has a net worth of $150 million. Oprah Winfrey said in all the years of her show, he was one of their greatest teachers. Jim Carrey has been making us laugh for over two decades. He remembers how he was acting like clown during the class. He’s Jim Carrey and here are his Top 10 Rules for Success.


1. Visualize your success

2. See challenges as beneficial

3. Follow your passion

4. Be a creator

5. Risk being yourself

6. Compromise

7. Don’t let fear hold you back

8. Believe

9. Have intention

10. Take a chance

What you may not have known about Jim Carrey

1. The Mask’s over-sized teeth were meant to be a visual only. The giant teeth that Stanley Ipkiss has when wearing the mask were only meant to be a visualization prop. Carrey liked the way they looked though and learned to speak his lines while wearing them, giving producers freedom to use them more often.

2. Jim Carrey’s elasticity saved the special effects team some cash. Working with an actor that has a face and body movements as rubbery as Jim Carrey’s has its advantages. The special effects team was able to cut back on some of the digital effects and save a little cash because Carrey could contort his body and face naturally.

3. The Mask’s yellow zoot suit was inspired by Carrey’s mother. The bright yellow suit that Stanley Ipkiss wears was based on a similar-looking suit jacket that Jim Carrey’s mother made him when he had his first stand-up TV appearance.

4. There was a $6,550,000 difference between Carrey’s paycheck for The Mask and Dumb & Dumber. Jim Carrey only took home $450,000 for his role in The Mask, mere peanuts compared to the $7 million dollar paycheck he banked for Dumb & Dumber just a few months later. The way the New Line Cinema was able to snag Carrey for such a cheap deal was because they secured him for the movie before Ace Ventura: Pet Detective came out and annihilated the box office, making $107 million. Nobody in Hollywood — including New Line Cinema — expected Ace Ventura to be a hit and when it was Carrey’s price tag of course skyrocketed.

5. It helped change movie critics’ opinions of Jim Carrey. Ave Ventura made the movie industry realize that Jim Carrey was a commercially viable star, but it didn’t do squat for him with the critics who for the most part, HATED the movie. The Mask was Carrey’s best reviewed film of 1994 and changed Roger Ebert’s opinion from calling him “a hyper goon” in his review of Ace Ventura — he gave it only 1 star — to declaring that Carrey delivered a “joyful performance” in The Mask.