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Blogging is largely seen as the new internet-based marketing vehicle since it is tremendously easy and inexpensive to set up. The overwhelming abundance of blogs on the Internet makes it harder to stand out nowadays, especially for Generation Y individuals who desperately aspire to be unique and recognized amongst others their age. Not only have various bloggers become successful and famous through their writing, but various retail companies have started to interact with fashion bloggers in order to rise their capital and promote their brand. Indeed, nowadays, in order to be perceived as fruitful and popular, a store or site should be listed on a minimum of 25 blogs.

However, due to the enormous quantity of blogs available on Internet, getting acknowledged becomes harder. This is why a lot of people have transitioned towards videos. Indeed, even though previous generations have been taught to consume words by text, Millennials feel they don’t have time to read writing and perceive videos as a natural way of communication. Indeed, for them, video offers a more human way to connect and have become a form of speech in its own right. While traditional media channels have defined demographic audiences, YouTube keeps on expanding and we must address the platform as a constantly evolving system.

YouTube has helped to democratize talent by giving the edition and production processes to the people. Therefore, you can no longer ignore the “YouTubers” or the so-called “vloggers”. YouTube ‘stars’ are one of the most refreshing and exciting things to come out of Internet and they perfectly represent Gen Y’s outstanding digital aptitudes and remarkable, technological communication skills. Moreover, Millennials relate strongly to famous YouTubers since they are able to share the same environment through the screen of their computers and mobile devices. Since the distance between the audience and the entertainer seams so thin, it allows Gen Y to develop an intimate relationship with those vloggers. Not only do Millennials look up to them for style inspiration, but they desire to follow their paths. Indeed, according to research from Tesco Mobile, almost 40% of 16- to 25-year-olds said they would prefer to follow in the footsteps of professional bloggers, rather than make a living from being a reality TV star (6%).

Since YouTube keeps on growing and improving its marketing strategies, some vloggers have become tremendously famous in an extremely short period of time. Indeed, Derek Scobie, head of YouTube brand propositions at Google, stresses that “how you become famous has changed; we sit back and get broadcasted at less. I don’t think it’s unique to YouTube but there are many more routes to fame.” YouTubers are no longer confined to the bedrooms of teenagers; they are part of the media’s reality. A few months ago, even President Obama has turned to the power of the YouTube generation, inviting top vloggers to the White House for a special interview with him.

Digital technology and social platform have fundamentally changed the way people get influenced, which has significant implications for brands. Since the line is often blurred between entertainment and commerce on YouTube, brands can definitely benefit from YouTube ‘stars’. To truly capitalize on this YouTube trend, brands should invest in partnering with vloggers. Influencers from Generation Y have built humongous audiences on YouTube, Vine and Instagram, and brands have already started working with these talented individuals. Indeed, by allowing brands to advertise on their site or by simply mentioning the name of a company, vloggers can make an impressing amount of money. Indeed, a few weeks ago, famous blogger and vlogger Zoe Snugg, who rose to fame under the nickname “Zoella”, was declared a billionaire. Have you every thought that while you’re sitting down on your couch, watching comfortably beauty tutorials on the web, a big company is making money for every click you make?

Here is a video I created featuring Generation Y’s top fashion and beauty bloggers. Enjoy!

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