You may not realize it but Johnson & Johnson’s has been taking their Band-Aids to a new level of influence over the years. 

Band-Aid has worked with lifestyle blogger Joy Cho for the past three years to create bandages with playful designs.

Lifestyle blogger and influencer Joy Cho of Oh Joy! paired up with the company for the past three years to create bandages with playful designs that are then blasted to her 382,000 Instagram followers.  The campaigns were posted in August.

Influencer relationship stories are being pushed out all over the internet where brands are collaborating with young influencers for more exposure. The goal isn’t just to push out more adds, the goal is more about building relationships with people who are taking their content to the next level and making an impact. 

The brands benefit from both the credibility of the influencer and the authenticity of the relationship. IN that way collaborations make the most sense because they mix in the influencers tone and flare with the brands quality. In the end some really fun new products are born and businesses start to fund better and more innovative content.

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