YouTube star Eva Gutowski ( aka MyLifeAsEva ) has just released a clothing line to match her adventurous lifestyle. Gutowski has launched “It’s All Wild”, a clothing line and fashion destination that, in the words of a press release, is “designed for the chic and adventurous girl-on-the-go.”

It’s All Wild will span multiple collections that will showcase Gutowski’s taste and fashion sense. The first collection, titled Adventure Is Here, features shirts, shorts, pins, scarves, and dresses, all designed by the social media star who is also the model.

The It’s All Wild website will be the place where fashion-forward viewers can buy items from Gutowski’s collections, but it will also be home to exclusive content, giveaways, and other extras for the star’s devoted fans. Anyone who signs up for the It’s All Wild mailing list can keep tabs on the site’s development.

For Gutowski, this project has been a long time coming. In launching it, she partnered up with Tess Albrecht and Palmer Brown of Sign For Delivery, while also receiving guidance from her managers, Scott Fisher and Adam Wescott of Select Management Group. “This is a project I’ve been so motivated to launch for years,” said Gutowski a press release. “Travel and timelessness mean everything to me, and making clothes that resonate with the modern it-girl is what I knew I needed to do.”

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