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Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW DIANNE MEINKE
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

I would love to have 5 minutes alone with…
Prince, But I want more than 5 minutes… his passing last year broke my heart. He was gone way too soon. I actually had a few minutes with him on the phone when my friends from Master Lab took my “Read my Mind” CD with them to Paisley Park to finish. They were up there working on Prince’s last project.

Prince spoke to me on the phone and told me he loved my new album and that my song “Tell Me” would be a Top40 hit … and he was right. In 2011 it made the Top40 FMQB @ #8 when Adele’s Rolling in the deep was number one. Besides Prince’s absolute genius in music and as a performer I was in awe and admired how he navigated the industry and took what he learned from being a Major label insider to help him launch his own brand independently.


Albuquerque, New Mexico…
It’s a tight knit organic community with it’s culture tied to the spirituality of the land and people who live here. There are more venue opportunities now than when I first moved here. The best circuits are the art & music festivals. Places which rent out space like the place on 4th street for these festivals are great laces for shows. In fact, I have a gig there with my friend from Japan on April 28th for the upcoming film festival this month.

The music business…
has been a difficult business to navigate. An independent artist has more opportunities to reach more people but unfortunately less opportunity for making a living at it in a live setting. You need to have or develop the skills of a socialite. The internet has helped but also hurt many tangible businesses, not just music.

The social networks take up a lot of an artists time. It’s a learning curve on the fly to manage your career. On the other hand the major industry has choked itself out & PRO system on royalties has long since been broken. They have left themselves wide open for the clever entrepreneur to creep in and for indie music to thrive. I love music and the healing & enjoyment it brings…in the end it’s in my blood and a forever friend.



Song: Secret Lover
Music Genre/ category : Acoustic Pop AC
A few times in my life I have met someone whom I felt a deep soul connection. Fear of rejection, insecurity & hesitation prohibited me from reaching out further. Sometimes we only get one chance when the moment is right. Life is for living and Love is Precious. I have learned it’s worth the stakes to take chances, especially on love.

This was one of those songs where I started playing an instrument in the studio and I recorded and wrote the lyrics and music all at once. In this case it started with a ukulele. I have learned to hit the record button every time I feel an inkling of an inspiration coming on. I can always delete what I don’t like but it’s harder to say I wish I would have recorded that.



My current album Lemonade Freshly Squeezed…
is collection of songs from a genre I like to refer to as Acoustic Pop & Adult Contemporary. The songs are about love and the struggles of life and the heart. I planned this project and announced it several years ago when I was bitten by a poisonous spider (Brown Recluse). I saw my life flash before my eyes, faced death square in the face & needed a place for my mind to go and escape.Music provided the hope and healing I needed in the middle of a very dark storm.

This album is very special to me. Just before the release Lemonade in 2016, I signed an unprecedented international distribution contract with Warner Chappell via Jan Cooper Music Publishing. It was the magical door I had been searching for forever. It was like I had hit the reset button on my life for forever change.


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