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“My overall goal in life is to really impact people’s lives throughout the world, no matter where they’re from and no matter what language they speak. I just want to really impact people’s lives.”-@Anastasiamusic1

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by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

I started singing…
when I was around 13 or 14 years old. I got really into music right after I was bullied on the cheer squad. I quit cheer and joined a band. Band is what really got me into music. I have many inspirations, but the main two people that have inspired me are Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift.

My personal definition of success is…
when you know you have made people smile, help people through situations, make people’s day, or have just really made people forget they were having a bad day. One success story I am proud of the most is when this girl tweeted me on Twitter and told me that she sang my anti-bullying song back to the person that was bullying her and the whole situation stopped. I did not realize how much my songs impact people’s lives until she told me. I consider this a great success because it really got me to the heart and really proved to me that my songs really do impact people’s lives and a lot more people go through bullying than I expected.

My overall goal in life is…
to really impact people’s lives throughout the world no matter where they’re from and no matter what language they speak. I just want to really impact people’s lives

My career goal is…
to eventually be performing at arenas and radios. The places that I really want to perform at is Madison Square Garden, Wembley Stadium, and the Ullevi Stadium in Sweden.

I would love to have five minutes alone with…
either Justin Bieber or Taylor Swift. Justin Bieber because he really inspired me from the beginning. Yes, he did have a downfall, but I didn’t give up on him. I still believe in him and still have hope in him because I know he has something special. He has impacted peoples lives and I want to do the same thing the way he did through music or charities. Taylor Swift because she really has a really good connection with her fans. She will talk to them on all social media or she’ll send gifts to their house or will surprise them. Plus, she also has a big heart and knows how to express her situations through her music.

I get inspired in many ways…
I have never really been a person that has kept up with the trend of clothing and stuff like that but I get inspired by different artist in different ways either through clothing or the way their music sounds or the way they are right there lyrics.

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I challenge myself by…

1) trying to learn really hard songs on the guitar and trying to figure out what chords would sound really amazing on a song that I might want to write about sometime in the future.

2) trying to make every rehearsal for performances better than my last performances because I really want to improve as an artist.

3) working harder than I ever have before because I really want to achieve my goals sooner than people think.

“I Am Beautiful” is…
a song that was written after I was bullied on the cheer squad. I wrote down what I was feeling and my producer help to find more in-depth words that can really impact people’s lives. I wanted to write this song because I didn’t want people to go through what I went through and I wanted to give a chance for victims to use the voice instead of hiding inside.

My album talks about different things…
like songs that are fun, songs that people can relate to, songs that can really impact people’s lives. Also, a couple of songs are about how my friends went through situations and since I didn’t know what to do, I wrote a song about it for them. What’s special about my album is that different people have told me that they have found a song on my album that really related to a situation that they went through at one time, but they didn’t know how to express it. It’s just amazing the responses that I have gotten from this album and to see how it has impacted peoples lives. My goal for this album and for all my future albums is to make an impact on people’s lives and to give them a chance to use their voice or to escape from whatever situation they’re going through.

I live in Tulsa, Oklahoma…
Lots of people perform at bars here, but I live to perform more at fairs, festivals, and conventions. There are lots of places you can perform in Tulsa, but I prefer the arena or the smaller arenas that artists begin to go to when they are working. Fairs and festivals are the places I like to go to perform the most. A fun thing that I like to do is to dance. I’ve been dancing since I was about 2 1/2 years old and it’s also a part of my music.

Anastasia pic 1Everyone has different opinions about the music industry…
but since I’m just now getting into it, so far, it has been a really fun journey. I know in the future that there will be some ups and downs, but that just comes with the learning and experiencing. I think the pros of the music industry is for artists to express themselves through music in different ways and it’s what really allow them to escape from the world. I think the cons of the music industry is that you really have to watch out for people that will try to be “friends” and will try to steal money from you or ruin your career. Also, there’s a lot of people that get jealous of what you’re doing and they will send you hatred and jealous comments to try to bring you down just because they’re jealous. I’m overcoming the pitfalls and hurdles coming along the music industry by seeing other artists going through the same situations, so I know what to expect and what’s going to come in my direction.

Promotion picture 2 of AnastasiaI like social media…
because it gives us a chance to communicate with our fans and it is a way for us to share our music with the world. There have been a few challenges through social media, but what’s good is my mom monitors my social media and always catches stuff before I see it or before any of my fans get to see it.

Releasing singles is better than releasing an album…
because it gives a chance for the fans to know what the album is going to sound like, but also if you release an album without releasing a single, it gets more of a buzz and more people talk about it because they had no idea you were going to release an album. However, the way I am doing it is I am releasing a single at a time and then releasing my album because it gives a chance for my fans to kind of get an idea or start thinking about what else might be on my album or what might sound like.


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