Anaya’s desire to learn the universal language of music emerged when she was 4 years old reared by a rich culture driven by music and the arts.

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Anaya is a timeless composer and vocalist devoted to elevating the human spirit through music, to fulfill a collective yearning shared by humanity for harmony, unity and balance. Anaya’s desire to learn the universal language of music emerged when she was 4 years old reared by a rich culture driven by music and the arts. Her musical journey began on guitar and piano, which led to many years of dedication to composing and producing her own albums.

Music is the heart of Brazil and has been the foundation for Brazilian culture enriching all festivities, religious ceremonies and simple daily life. As an accomplished composer, performer and producer, Anaya passionately expresses her spirituality and the influence of her Brazilian roots through music, art, and poetry. Her style truly captures the soothing, inspiring and energizing essence of Brazilian music, which delivers a stellar synthesis of genres such as new age, electronic and melodic trance.

Anaya is a multi-talented professional with a Post Doctorate degree in leadership and a Phd in Information Technologies. She has a very unique international resume, which includes traveling the world as a performer of Brazilian pop music and working for the University of Brazil and the United Nations as an Information System Specialist. Anaya weaves her expertise in computer science with a deep understanding of universal spirituality to create a union between technology and the senses, which becomes the heart of her work. “Our best instrument is the universal harmony of being.” ~ Anaya

is My Path to Eternity.A blissful journey through poetic soundscapes, “Dharma” paves a peaceful path to “Eternity”; Anaya Music manifests her childhood dream to play alongside a symphony orchestra.

An absolute must for your collection.  Sometimes it’s really nice to be taken away to a far off land of beauty peace and tranquillity, and through this wonderful album by Anaya we can do just that. This is one of those stunning albums that are as rare as rain in Cyprus!

We start with a complete flourish on the opening piece called Dharma, using the talents and skills of the Prague Symphony Orchestra we are gifted a composition that in parts reminded me in style, of the great composer Ralph Vaughn Williams and The Lark Ascending. The string section really emphasised that mood for me, but the piece overall was so beautiful, it made the perfect start to the release.

Natural sounds of water start the next piece called New Skies and the tremulous sounds of the strings create a real vista of wonderment for us. Anaya as a keyboardist is outstanding, but combing her skills with the orchestra has brought us something truly magnificent. This trembling opus of a fresh new sky is vast, and gives us the listener plenty of room to explore the music in.

Eternity is a real fresh and picturesque album of great quality, just listen to Cosmos, and I am sure you will agree, this is one very striking arrangement, there is a slight quality of mournfulness, but that aged sound, manifests an expansive backdrop of musical genius for us to wander in. The percussion also adds a little flavour here as well.

For Love is up next, and a deep sense of true passion can be felt here. Love, one of the hardest of all emotions to deal with, is explored in a sublime and charming manner by Anaya, through the tones of this track, one can really feel the tenderness that went into creating this composition, the strings here really come into their own, and with the artists flowing talents, manifests for us something unconditionally beautiful.

The shortest piece off the album, at just less than three minutes long, is the keyboard based track Loves River. This for me is one of the cleverest compositions on the release, the strings, bass and keyboards almost place us on a boat trip of love down a river, in its movement and structure, I have a feeling that this maybe one of those tracks that you will not be able to resist playing again and again and again dear reader.

The longest offering on Anaya’s new album Eternity, at well over six and a half minutes, is our dear mother Gaia. I found this, our penultimate composition, very deeply moving and emotional, the floating keyboards and heart rendering string sections were so very moving. Anaya has also built in a little space feel to the track, as well as combining it with the sounds of birds, which gives us the eager listener, the overall feel of our planet in its entirety, our dear Gaia, our mother. Here is a track that just about delivers all aspects of mother earth to us, in a melodious opus of supreme quality. The orchestra and Anaya’s ability to create a musical symbiosis here is simply divine.

So we finish with the lavish and sweeping mood of the final piece called, Once in Time, when I first heard this I was reminded of the sound track work that composer Michael Hoppe creates. Anaya has left her best to last, and this is a composition that fashions magic, constructs a whole new musical dimension, and has been crafted with such a level of care and attention to detail, whilst retaining and cultivating that little childlike enchantment within us all.

Eternity is one of those albums that I would class as simply beautiful, the emotional intensity is there, all of the compositions have all been lovingly manifested for us to enjoy, and the added structure of the Symphony Orchestra of Prague, was a stroke of pure genius that has finally brought into our lives, one of the most professional and captivating releases I have heard for a long time, this is an absolute must for your collection.

My plans-
developments and successes.What motivates me to continue bringing my music to the world is to elevate human spirit through music and beauty and to touch the human heart.

My last album ‘Eternity’ has been received by everyone with great appreciation and received wonderful reviews, airplay and a top ten chart position at ZMR. I am very grateful and I thank you all for your support!

I have plans for 2017 and 2018 to have my music performed in the USA by various Symphony Orchestras and I will keep you posted on the development of these concerts.

I live in Brasilia…
Musical scenario is for popular music hiphop, Samba, sertanejo, funk, tchan and mpb.

Music business is…
very much devoted to big names and give few opportunities to unsigned artists. The new SM”s and independent. Professional are now changing this scenario. Many new opportunities are being offered to new artists that don’t want to submit to the slave Rules of big labels.

I would like to have 5 minutes..
with Alexander Desplat (composer of soundtrack for the movie Twinlight saga )


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