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Music pros and cons…
Songwriting, playing guitar, collaborating with other musicians and live music performances are all massively rewarding activities. On the other hand I’m disappointed with the apparent lack of interest amongst young people for live music.

I’d love to spend 5 minutes with Ry Cooder…
A brilliant musician and musical collaborator, he has delved into the blues and folk music of America and other countries to find great songs and sounds to re-work with his own inimitable slide guitar style. A uniquely talented man, but one who is little known to modern audiences.

This song relates to the end of a 2 year relationship I had with a woman in the 1980s. She was younger than me, and quite jealous of my ex-wife, my previous girlfriends and my past life. Although a very loving person, she had been very unhappy in her own family life. She would often drink too much and then became aggressive and bitter. I tried to help her through her bad times, but one day, while I was out, she got drunk and opened my box of letters and cards that I had kept right from my teenage years. They were very precious to me. In a fit of drunken rage she burned them all on the fire. When I found out, I was so angry and devastated that it was the final straw – it had killed my love for her. I had to finish the relationship. 

I wrote the song in 2014 and recorded it in a local studio. Working with a sax player (Matt Bicknell) and another musician and sound engineer, Simon Darvell, who added other instruments and produced the song, it was added to 10 other original songs and released on the album, “Shed Songs”, on the Turquoise Coal label in 2016.

The album “Shed Songs”…
is a mixture of songs mostly based on events in my life. The songs were developed and written gradually over a 10 year period. I hope that it reveals stories about my life – and life in general – and that the music engages the listener with my blues/folk based style. Rather than blow my own trumpet, here are what some reviewers have written about the CD.
“Several of the songs are personal but he breezes through them as just another bit of life. That’s actually artistry – to make the personal impersonal so everyone can share. He’s collaborated with a great group of fellow musicians – Matt Bicknell’s sax work is so tasteful – and he’s really pulled out all the stops on the production front, the sound engineering is excellent. It’s a great CD beautifully put together…I loved it!” (Roger Hewitt, Boston, Massachusetts, USA)
“Metaphorically there’s a feel of relaxed Sunday afternoon beer garden running through the set, rather than raucous Friday night lounge bar – there’s a blues influence but it’s mostly smooth and wry rather than rough-edged and tortured.” (“From the Margins” Music & Arts Review Magazine – Michael Hughes)

“All together this is a great CD – worth opening your mind and having a listen to (especially on a hot sunny evening driving along the coast). Some great musicians, nice song writing and good production.” (North Wales Music Reviews – Rob Murray)

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