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Music Business…
I love the music business and it is not an easy business to be in otherwise everyone would be doing it. You have to be able to withstand many disappointments and accept constructive criticism without taking it personal. The pros I have experienced with the music business started with dancing. That is how I got into the music industry to begin with.

I started with car showcases,then that turned into Convention Centers where I was able to open up and be on the same stage as Ice Cube when he first went solo after NWA and 2 Live Crew plus EPMD to name a few. Then I turned professional dancing for Artists in the Freestyle genre like Connie and Johnny O that were very popular in that genre at the time.I toured to many cities across the US and even Mexico. I finally got a huge break in January 1991 where I was picked as one of the dancers to appear in Sheila E’s album Sex Cymbal music video along with my brother James and my childhood friend Toodie.

We also filmed another music video off that album entitled Dropping Like Flies which was filmed in New York City. So being surrounded by Stars and music execs, I knew I wanted to do music in any form or fashion.It was later during the time with Sheila E. that me and my group were discovered by a small label in Seaside,Ca. that formed my first singing group called the Wild Boys.

We were trained just like any singing group out there. We brought the discipline and dedication we inherited working with Sheila E. and the whole Escovedo family and implemented into the singing group. From there my singing abilities began to improve as well as my stage presence.It was in November 1997 that we were ready to do a huge club show for our Latin album Record Release party and I got the devastating news that my brother James had been a victim of a homicide one day before the night of the Record Release party.I was devastated and did not know what to do with all the thoughts that ran thru my mind.I would no longer have my brother who I shared my life with and stage,next to me ever again.

The group continued in his memory but it just wasn’t the same anymore. I stepped away from the group as I could no longer see myself in it. I took a few years off and one day in just woke up and it was like a voice whispering in my ear,It’s Time! I began slowly writing again and running ideas thru my head and that was when Giovanni was born as the Solo Artist. So if you are asking what are the pros I experienced in the music industry I would have to say, being able to do all the amazing things that many Independent Artists would only dream of doing starting as a dancer and evolving into a singer/songwriter that made me who I am today.

The Cons would have to be all the disappointments, betrayals and misfortunes that came with the music business. If you love something though, you take the good with the bad as you would with life. The music business can take a lot out of you but you have to be willing to fall and get back up and keep striving for greatness.


Rule The World…
As many of my songs,with Rule The World I tell a story about a man who is going out one night looking his best,kind of like the movie Saturday Night Fever with John Travolta he is well known in the club.He happens to look a certain way into the crowd when all of a sudden he notices this beautiful girl with long hair and her eyes just draws him to her. He debates about approaching her in front of her friends but finally gets the courage to introduce himself to her.They both smile at each other and hit the dance floor and before they know it the attraction is so strong that they need to be near each other at all times. The more they spend time with each other they just know that as long as they are together,they will Rule The World.When I got the music from Producers called the Booming Brothers I instantly fell in love with the track and when I love the track it’s really natural for me to come up with contagious lyrics and contagious hooks that will be memorable.

What you can expect from my music is rhythms that will make you want to jump off your seat and also seduce you into my world. I feel my sound is unique with the way I write songs and the way I deliver it with crisp harmonies which I do all vocal arrangements for all my songs.Rule The World is very special to me because it shows me that I can be a force to be reckoned with in the Music Industry and that I will accept any challenge with ease. It shows me that all the knowledge I have absorbed in all my years in music has paid off and that I’m ready to introduce the world to Giovanni Latin Artist.This song was meant to be on radio because I think the world is ready for something fresh and new and I would be honored to give it to them.Music is my passion and when you hear my song Rule The World you will see evidence of that.


I currently live in San Jose,California…
which is about 1 hr from San Francisco and 10mins from the new Levi’s Stadium home of San Francisco 49ers. The music scene and nightlife here is pretty exciting and downtown San Jose you can go thru the many strips of clubs that cater to many genres of music as well.You can see bands and singers doing their thing as many clubs here cater to many music Artists no matter the genre,we have it here.

There is plenty to do here as the whole city is filled with several malls,clubs and restaurants with different ethnicity of food is served.Then you have Santana Row which is a version of Rodeo Dr. in Beverly Hills.Even here you can dine outside to beautiful scenery and bands and singers doing their music as you eat and have some drinks.You also have the many stores and shops selling the latest clothing and trends,as well as Vintage.


I would love to have 5 minutes alone with
Latin SuperStar recording Artist Marc Anthony.I feel we could make a great song together that would be Epic and remembered. I love his passion and dedication to his music.His work ethic is undeniably amazing.Ive had the pleasure to see him in Concert a few times and always leave with a big smile on my face.That is the effect I want to have on music fans when they listen to my music. The ones that have had the pleasure to hear my music have gave me such wonderful comments and inspiration to know I am doing something right.


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