Discover the world of erotic books and the lifestyle that fuels this trending literary genre with Entrepreneur and Author Di Storm. Being an Author today isn’t simple, it requires many hours of research as well as planning prior and after the release. I’m really enjoying the process and sure there are things I would do differently next time around but it’s been amazing experience so far. I’m savoring this release and also looking forward to the next chapter. 

Live Interview with Author Di Storm :


Topics discussed:
– How to get started writing your story
– Establishing your story line and developing the story
– Dealing with rejection and how to keep going
– Self publishing vs finding a publisher
– What do you have to do to get a book published
– How to choose a publisher
– Marketing your book today: fees, strategy, self-marketing
– Book tours, conferences and shows that get your name out there
– Developing merchandise or collaborating with brands in alignment with you book subject
– Getting yourself on the Best Seller List
– Download sale websites , Hard cover vs kindle, podcasts and audio books
– What would you change or do differently?
– Having a pin name


Book, Yes Sir! By Di Storm

Authors Bio…
Di Storm grew up in the U.S. Northwest and lived near Mount St. Helens. When it erupted in 1980, her family moved to Alaska where her young imagination ran wild with the long, dark nights. Her first marriage ended in divorce, and she moved to Houston, Texas. There, she began fulfilling fantasies which would eventually influence her first book, Yes Sir! Her imagination and the ability to expand on her memories make her characters stimulating and relatable. Di Storm is now happily married to the “best husband ever,” has a golden retriever named Utah, and is currently working on the next book in the “Yes Sir” series.

I have so many authors that inspired me. The standard erotic books, EJ James’ “Fifty Shades of Grey” series, “The Beautiful Series” by Christina Lauren, Tara Sue Me’s “The Submissive,” and several others. I was on a business trip in Lexington, KY, where I got to meet Tiffany Resiz, author of “The Original Sin” series. She looked like a young college kid, but she wrote hardcore, BDSM-style erotic books. Something inside me clicked, and I realized, if she could write a book about this subject, then why couldn’t I?

When I got home from my trip, I started to write a book about my life. However, after learning that writing was its own beast, nothing seemed to work to get me over my writer’s block. I tried listening to sensual music, and one song stuck in my head. It gave me the idea for the outline of YES SIR! It was provocative and about a woman who felt caged with no way out of her life. My mind drifted to a dark, exotic and mysterious place, and I think it revealed the ideas I’ve had all along. I used all my years of going wild; experience with bondage, dungeons, and swinging; and losing a love that I wanted more than anything. I put these elements into the story line of my book, and I called it YES SIR!… what a submissive says to her master in the world of BDSM.

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