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Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW B HAZ
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio


In 2017 I’m bringing my entertainment experience too the next level with video and special releases for my super fans. Music today is a a real hustle and grind but the internet has improved that climb by allowing artists like myself to stake a claim in the digital space.

The music business is a wild beast! It’s like cooking pork or chicken, be hasty on the preparation and you might end up sick. My advice, make sure you think (cook) it through. We all know what the pros are- a couple of stacks, going to different cities to perform, and having fans dig your music are some things that come to mind. I like how the field has opened up to Independent artists/musicians. I came along way from cassette tapes to digital sales on Amazon Japan. Of course it would be lovely to have an advance. But the feeling of earning $7.00 on every CD sold for $9.00 versus $0.03 on every sale is a sexy m*&%$#@!()er (in my Prince voice).

My biggest con is all the repercussions that can arise from trying to perfect your craft. If you are trying to be in this business you have to treat it like how practice is depicted with athletes. You have to get in that gym (studio). Being in this business reeks havoc on relationships because most of the time the industry precedes the artist. Through 6 degrees of separation like Kevin Bacon, I have encountered where I was the bad guy from the actions of a previous unscrupulous gentleman. I could say I am at the studio, but she is ultimately thinking I’m out wild for the night. Even though I would bring over some rough dubs of the songs we were working on immediately afterwards. That still would not help my cause. Sometimes you can get a bad rap, no pun intended, because you are in the music business- alongside with all that is associated with being in the music business. Rakim is my homie, but if he jumped off a bridge while rhyming, I think that would be fire, but I’m not jumping off a bridge!


New Album…
The new debut Album All Things Considered couldn’t come at a better time. Instead of following the same path, being in the same mold, using the same verbiage, I put emphasis on respecting the craft. You can expect a wide variety of original music, sometimes gritty and translucent, sometimes smooth and intense- but always lyrical. It is hard to sample today, but I still try to incorporate other styles of music ranging from the 60’s to present day.

The songs on the new album are driven by intelligent lyrical rhyme patterns and content. I constructed some raw abstract beats that are reminiscent of 90’s Hip Hop with melodic instrumentation that is influenced by bass, piano, and other organic elements. As a concept Album, All Things Considered rotates between hard-hitting songs that touch on modern issues like televised propaganda and media brainwashing/fake news (“Mask,” “Lookin 4 da Lines”) and more personal narratives speaking to life and love in the digital age (“It’s Yours,” “Knowing”). And while these larger stories are skillfully crafted in math, science, and physics- this is really an Album of epiphanies. Be prepared for raw abstract beats and intelligent lyrical rhymes with a sharp edge.

I reside in Columbus, Ohio…
As for the music scene, I would preface by saying chances are slim to none that someone would uproot from their surroundings to move to Columbus to start a music career. But on the other hand, Columbus is an excellent destination spot for artists to book shows and put a stage or three up under their belt. We have plenty of venues with avid music fans packing the spots on any given days of the week. We also have starving artist out here on the grind trying make things happen on the daily as well. Just like other cities, we got artists out here that started yesterday to seasoned vets. We have artists out here who want to sell CD’s hand to hand- to those who have distribution deals and who are looking to sell globally.





“Chastised by your thighs as eyes lays upon I’s be fly and you know this.” B. Haz concurs. They say it’s okay to look but don’t touch. What happens when that look becomes her passage way to want to touch? The interesting thing is, the setting is in a nightclub atmosphere and a lot of the atmosphere wants temptation to be up on them. That’s how the chorus took shape- “Oh woe is me.” Now those creeps with their big teeth out, are probably thinking what am I missing? Go Get It!! Dude in a relationship- song has to have substance right? The Temptress acts like a dude, spends like a dude, drinks like a dude, “chiefs what the homies chief,” but is 100% female. The verbal approach in this song try’s to illustrate how you shouldn’t judge a book by the cover, be careful for what you wish for, and be prepared for the repercussions that arise from your actions.



I would love to have 5 minutes alone with…
The topic has been on music, so staying on the topic I would say the G-O-D Rakim. Probably spend like the first minute like damn this is the dude that made me take writing serious. He said don’t bite people lyrics and I think I committed that cardinal sin off of something he said. Now a day’s cats are out here biting lyrics and repeating the same word over and over again like that’s hot. Rakim was a master at getting that rewind button pushed. If it wasn’t to hear the whole joint all over again, it was trying to comprehend what the hell my man just said! That’s that original food for thought. The next 3 minutes I’d probably try and network and see if we could strike up a collaboration. That’s one of those bucket list achievements right there. The last minute I’d probably go right back to how I was in the first minute!

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