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Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW C-Styles
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

C-Styles , stands for Chicago Styles

How to Smile through the tragedies…
In a world of evil and haters that try to stop you from pursuing your dreams, you have to think about the positive. I considered suicide at 14 and came through it by having faith, going to therapy and ask for assistance. We are an ego generation but you have to reflect on better things in the future. I’m betting on myself and that’s what keeps me smiling through the tragedies.

I have a reality show that I produce on youtube about (See season 7: )  Editing the show is the most time consuming task so I have to plan which years I’m going to release this show. Over time I’ve learned to love the editing process. I think you have to love it in order to produce a show. Editing changes the mood of the whole film so your really have to look through all the film to get the good parts and reality gold.

The internet has taken the “mystique”…
of an artist away for the most part. Before the internet it was good to have a little mystique about an artist and now that’s been almost completely taken away. The upside of it is that anyone can be someone with a little effort and a calculated marketing scheme if they know what they’re doing. Nowadays in the music industry I see more and more promoters try to take advantage of artist just because they are naive to how certain things work until it’s too late and they’ve been completely taken advantage of. I’ve encountered managers of a certain major artist say that his artist would work with me for a certain amount of money, gave it to him and he never notified his artist that I was scheduled to work with him. Thankfully I caught him and pay pal gave me my money back which is a positive that they help out the buyer.

 I would love to have 5 minutes with Nas…
because he is a living legend in the hip hop world. Him, the Notorious B.I.G. and 2pac came out at the same time and we’re young 20 yr old kids with extraordinary lyrics which is hard pressed in today’s times. Only one of them is still alive and I’ll let you take a wild guess as to who the other 2 have passed… Nas is from the generation where young kids during that time we’re writing thought provoking lyrics, songs ahead of their time, far ahead mentally than what most 20 year olds today can even comprehend. His writing style till this day is unmatched and one of modern times greatest poet if you will. The funny thing is that even with social media being the main platform of today’s times, he still has mystique in him.

Feelings ft. LeLe XO and Hatchicist.
This song was inspired out of love and something everyone could listen to in the month of February. The message is to uplift woman when they think that no one cares about them and to not sell themselves short. Basically you’re worth more than what you think!

I’m working on the follow up to my last album “The fear of success”. While the last album was a personal take, with personal lyrics and experiences, the new upcoming one “Happy Tragedies” has something for everyone and kind of bringing back the “Bad boy” sound (puff daddy, mase, notorious b.i.g.) in a modern 2017 world.

The album also has a few political records, a song about cancer, some story telling and a few introspective records as well. The album also features some big names like Lil flip, Tony Sunshine, Jerome Childers, and JBDK. If you’re a fan of mid 90’s hip hop, then you’re going to love the modern version of it on my new album!

I’m originally from Chicago but now reside in Brownsville Texas. Texas in general has a good live scene where there are a lot of events for independent artist can perform at. I’ve performed at shows with over 6000 people quite a few times and love the rush of performing for huge crowds, there is nothing like it! Austin tx definitely has a great music scene as well as Houston. My area has a great spring break spot at South Padre Island where all the huge concerts are held at.