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by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

I produce music to…
have fun and also learn along the way. I only produce once a year.  I satisfy myself first but intend to continue to build the brand slowly. When I produce I start blocking out the release date and then work on the production. I do a lot of planning taking my time on all the details. The focus is really on all the details and being as thorough when I do work.  The next release will be in January 2018 on Monday. 🙂

As a musician…
I feel that we focus more and more on singles and ep´s instead of full albums, maybe because most of the audience don´t prioritize to check out the full album? I´m not sure if that is a plus or minus, maybe both. If I look back to where I began, I ended up not learning music theory because of pursuing other interests at the same time. I just played for fun and still do.

For me, this is definitely a plus! I still enjoy playing whatever I play, in whatever genre and in whatever quality. But since I learn along the way, everything will continue to get better, especially when it comes to quality.

My plan is…
to continue to entertain at smaller stages and keep this musical project as a hobby, not a fulltime job. Because of that, I am determined that I will stay happy doing this and I will be no big rival to other musicians. That is a plus for me and others. Nowadays production gear is definitively a plus! You can literally make anything just by sitting in front of a computer anywhere. That makes it fantastic for us who suddenly have an idea and want to test it right away, wherever we are.

Music industry…
As a listener, I love the music industry. There are so many songs and artists, that give me endless stuff to discover. That is a plus. But because of this, sometimes I caught myself, not caring about who or what I am listening to, simply because of the big offer of different music. That is a minus for the artist.

Play the Game…
(Released worldwide digitally on the 2nd of January 2017) Link:

This is basically a “love is love” song and described as if you are in a game. Throughout the song, I’m singing about what I mean is right for you. If you can´t do it, but want to, I will help you. “As long as, you ever need, I play with you, all the way” The back story (main goal) was to make this song “groovy with entertaining music and lyrics” At early production stage, I had a lot of fun because when I was vocal jamming next to the guitar riff in hope of creating the melodies, I usually had to sing about movies or something random, just to get the melody up and running. Imagine yourself singing, about animals, meaningless repeated sentences or groceries that just happen to have the perfect name or time length, in hope of creating something serious. X-D

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You should expect songs that have motivational lyrics with no bound limits when it comes to musical genre. I will do most of the production and performance on my own but I am also open to produce songs with or for others, if the interest becomes mutual.

I will release one new song at the beginning of every year. My songs can also be released in several versions at the same time or later. My interest for meditation / hypnosis / alternative healing, grows greater for every day. Which means, it´s not impossible that my songs will have hidden agendas like that.

About and why I wrote “Play the Game”…
The main reason I wrote this song is to offer motivational support for people who want to be themselves, but cannot or feel that they can´t, because of religion, community or law. We all hear stories about people that are chained to a hidden life because they fear that they will be rejected or harmed because of being free and openly. Unfortunately, we also hear stories about people who live freely and with the law on their side but still get harmed and rejected. I mean that none of this is okay and want to offer help for those that I can. #LOVEISLOVE #LGBT #WEAREORLANDO


In the city…
we have several music scenes, but since the locations are not very big, the audience limit is set to somewhere between 200 and 1200 persons depending on the locations and fire prevention laws. That is one of the main reasons we don´t have big worldwide artists coming to entertain here. But we have big Norwegian artists names visiting here, from time to time. The plus with having smaller stages, is that the performer will connect easier with the audience. Every year, we also have a few local music festivals combined with food festivity or other culture happenings to.

I would love to have 5 minutes with…
Interesting question. Hmmm… I would love to have 5 long minutes with the James Bond story writer, film director and production crew, while they beg me to help them with the future film stories and music. (Having dreams are important, although it might sound unrealistic) I just love the James Bond films and music, so I have no choice but to mention this 😀

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