Music will always find a way through any obstacle. 

feed the kitty california rock band

Person Interviewing: Jed Mottley from Feed The Kitty

I live in Los Angeles and spend most of my time playing live shows throughout Southern California and creating music in a recording studio.

My older brother Josh has been the most influential person in my musical journey. He taught me how to play guitar at a young age and still supports my career in every aspect.

In 1985 at 9 years old, my Mom took me to a KISS concert. That was the moment that I knew what I wanted to do.

Since then, I’ve been perfecting my craft and making great contacts out here in California. 

Music brings joy to people and that where I find my fulfillment. I enjoy making people happy. 

Music becomes so powerful once the listener can relate to the story or the message of a song. I hope to make a connection with an audience who can relate with honest songs that I am writing.

The music comes from the heart and I think that reflects in the songs especially when I’m playing live. 

Song name: Lost and Found

Music Genre:: Rock

This song is about rediscovering yourself after coming down from a 20-year party and ultimately coming to terms with addiction.

Link to play::

As a band, we have a “Do It Yourself” kind of motto. We’ve realized, after signing with record labels, that we work harder than they do. 

Anytime we have ever felt a hurdle or obstacle in our way, we bring our resources together and find a way to move forward with our goal.

I suppose that’s been a secret of survival in this business and it works for most things in life. 

What do you want people to remember most about you and your career? 

What I want people to remember most about Feed the Kitty is how much fun we had playing the music. It makes this journey a lot better when you can laugh at yourself to keep things in perspective.

The business side can be difficult and can take the fun out of anything so staying focused with a great attitude makes the entire experience sweeter. 

What are you most looking forward to this next month? 

We’ve just written a new album called “Lost and Found.” I’m very excited to start playing these songs live and start recording them in the studio. 

Seems like we might be finding ways to perform outdoors here in California with drive in concerts and spaced out floor plans.

Let’s see how it goes. Music is changing but one things for sure, it will always find a way through any obstacle. 

Band Name: Feed the Kitty
Jack Maher- Vocals/ Guitar
Jed Mottley- Bass
Jon Shumway- Drums

Website & social media links: :
Instagram @feedthekittymusic