I love the intimacy of artists like Carol King and James taylor. Their energy is amazing and inspires me every day. 


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Jacqueline Jax logo photoInterview by Jacqueline Jax
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Person Interviewing: Sam Packwood
Band Name: Capitansam

 I think success is defined only by the individual. You set your own goals and have your own expectations, no one else can tell you what success is. I literally have family and friends who have been and are successful in the industry and many who are still trying to gain recognition.

Success to me is reaching my own standards as a writer and performer at every opportunity. Success would be recording high quality music and performing high quality shows for many years. I believe that if my music can be heard regularly by the public, it will connect with some of them, and some will love it. If I can make one person smile, happier or comforted through my music, that will be success.

My music is…
I write first and foremost as a singer/songwriter, I want my songs to work solely as piano and vocal or guitar and vocal. I have always had the urge to be creative musically since I was a young child, and writing songs is like therapy for my emotions, happiness, sadness, anger, excitement, despair…

I think it is best that other people, media, fans and colleagues define your music, however, I would say my music has 3 main influences, Blues, Celtic folk (Irish roots in Western Ireland, County Mayo) and melodic pop.

Melody is very important to me, but I love harmony, which I studied at University, and as a drummer rhythm is very important too. My lyrics are either personal or observational, usually political or comments on my perception of the world. My lyrics are usually more poetic than conversational, and pastoral, evoking imagery rather than literal things; unless it is about love.

For example, my song Alibi, is about the simple but beautiful joys of falling in love and spending time only with your love. I love Queen, Earth Wind and Fire and Aerosmith and I think my music draws on the funk and rock elements of these bands, whilst searching for the more intimate qualities of Carole King and James Taylor. I hope my music is a mixture of craft and soul, using the skills I have learnt, whilst writing from the heart organically.


What piece of music advice forever changed your way of thinking..
Never stop believing in yourself and your music, most people won’t until they’re told it’s ok to. Remain open, hungry to learn and humble. Successful people are losers and winners. The difference is, winners keep trying, believing and losing until they win.



Song name: Uncle Joe
Music : Singer/songwriter

This song is about…
Uncle Joe is about the wane of morals in modern society, the emperors new clothes syndrome facilitated by social media, people’s self perception and self worth and the pressure from media and society to look, think and act a certain way.

It also is a message of how ugly this evolution of humanity is, yet there is still time for change, to become ourselves again, and appreciate each other for our uniqueness and inner beauty. Link : https://www.reverbnation.com/capitansam


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