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by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

I’m from the Columbia Point projects in Boston Mass…
I now live in Lewiston Maine where there’s not music of a music scene.. But I’m thinking far beyond the reach of this city and state, I’m thinking globally! Using social media has opened up alot of doors for me.

I love music I’ll say that first…
But I’ve come to find that you can’t sit around and wait to be discovered. You have to completely push, market, and promote yourself. You can go the independent route or make so much noise the majors have to come to you.

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Song name: “Sicker state of mind” ft peedi crakk
Music Genre:  Rap
The song is based on the mind frame of a hungry east coast rapper coming from nothing wanting to be heard. It features Peedi Crakk formerly of Roc-a-fella re cords. We had just finished a song for a different project and were vibing so strong free styling to the beat the night before it just came naturally. Peedi’s one of the coolest cats I ever met. Defintley an unforgettable experience!

The new album “sicker state of mind”…
is exactly what raps missing. I listen to music and it seems as though the game (hip hop) has lost its heart. There’s no originality, no soul in today’s music. I’m bringing back the essence of creativity and lyrics. There’s an assortment of dope was on this album, with something for every true lover of the art!


I would love to have 5 minutes alone with….
Jay-z, and Nas. I admire both these dudes, they always been two of my favorite artist. I think nas’s style swag and lyrics are just insane. And jays cool flow and business since is unmatched by anyone. I’d love to have the chance just to pick their brains and be in their presence even if only for a short while. Those two are definitely gonna forever be landmarks in the hall of fame as far as the rap game goes.

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