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by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

Music business…
I’m finding radio is the most difficult part of the music business. As popular as iTunes and Spotify are, radio still rules the roost. Country radio, in particular, has been failing its female artists for quite some time now. I have only ever wanted to be a country singer, my genre never wavered. Growing up I had so many role models to choose from on the radio.

I attribute my vocal abilities to mimicking the voices of Martina McBride, Faith Hill and Trisha Yearwood for years. Little girls don’t have that now. It’s so hard for women to get airplay and it amazes me because the talent is still there. The girls who idolized Deanna Carter and The Dixie Chicks, we’re all here, and we’re trying to get our voices heard. I’d like to think it’s shifting, we’ve had female number ones for the first time in over ten years, but out of the top 50 on the charts right now, only four are women. It’s disheartening.

Mark Lowe on lead guitar
Jason Casterlin on acoustic guitar and backing vocals
Richie Owens on drums
Craig Roper on bass
John Repko on keys
Jay Ganz on pedal steel.

Song name: I Don’t Want to Know
Music Genre/ category : Country
The song itself was written at 3am, quite a few drinks in, sitting at the kitchen table with my guitar player Mark. We had finished a gig around 1am and actually set out to write a new song that night. It’s about an on again off again relationship that I had with a guy. One of those relationships that you know you shouldn’t be in but you can’t leave each other alone kind of deal. When I had finally given up on him I would get those late night drunk messages telling me that he missed me, where he was going to be if I wanted to hang out, how he messed up, all of the things that I just didn’t want to know. I ran with it, and fifteen minutes later we had a song.


I just released my second single Runnin’…
and I am currently in the studio recording the rest of my EP. I am a songwriter that’s all about the lyrics. I’m convinced that if the words are there for people to relate to, you don’t even need instruments. However, I just so happen to have a band of brothers that knock it out the park. I think the story telling is why I have been in love with country music for so many years. If people want music that can make them truly feel something, stories that they can relate to about heartbreak, love, and life in general, then they should listen to my music.

I live in New York…
the Hudson Valley to be exact. The music scene is not what it used to be, only because we’re limited on full band music venues. We have an awful lot of bars that do live music, which I play at every week, unfortunately they’re only big enough to accommodate acoustic set ups. I take it in stride though. I have no interest in being a big fish in a little pond, I want to tour the country. It’s actually pushing me out into the world.



I would love to have 5 minutes alone with….
There’s so many people I would love to talk to, really anybody who’s doing what I’m trying to do just for validation in chasing this dream. Right now, I’d have to say Miranda Lambert because her double album The Weight of These Wings has been inspiration for me in my own songwriting. It’s hard to not love a good love story but the heartbreak songs, which she has a lot of on this most recent album, those are the ones that stick out to me. I’d love to pick her brain for five minutes.

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