“Today is History and Tomorrow is a Mystery” This next year I am looking forward to making a name for myself in a very tough Industry. Making music is not for everyone, you have to be passionate about it. Music Industry doesn’t care about how good you are, you can still fail if you don’t have a clear goal and determination to become a persistent creator.

Jacqueline Jax logo photoInterview by Jacqueline Jax
host of A.V.A Live Radio
Band Name: DJ Klonatronic
Person Interviewing: Levi Armandi
My name is Levi Armandi and I came onto the music scene literally overnight. I have no previous experience with instruments or sound production. My willingness to become better than average at just about everything is how I came to where I am now. I was a 3 sport All-Star athlete in high school and my competitive nature has driven me to choose music as a way to feel and express myself.
Many have told me that I would never be good at music production, singing, or writing because I have zero experience. That is when I knew that it was ON. So I proceeded to buy a few thousand dollars worth of music production equipment/software. Now here we are today. I couldn’t be more pumped up about this music journey that has started! I signed a 3 year contract with Global Music Records out of Belgium. I have multiple song releases that will come out in the next few weeks to the Music Market.

But what challenges do we face as artists??

1. Making music is not for everyone, you’ve got to be passionate about it.
2. Music Industry doesn’t care about how good you are, you can still fail if your not consistent.
3. It costs a lot of money to produce “REAL MUSIC” so get ready to invest on yourself.

 My current focus and direction is to become good at a variety of music genres that interest me. I have 8 songs going on right now that are close to being complete. The ultimate goal will be to release an album or singles in every major music genre in order to have more experience in producing different styles. The long term goal is to be known as a Producer/Artist that can work with everyone and every style.

 I do not have a specific influence in my music because I never thought earlier in my life I would be in a position to make a splash in the music industry. I was “inspired” by the haters so to speak, proving everyone wrong  was my driving factor and influence.

 I hope that the songs I release get to the right people so everyone who loves my style can enjoy this music journey along side me.
My songwriting and production style is always started with making a song very simple but with strong synthetic loops. This will be combined with some sort of background bass line. The sound effects and textures are added fast and frantically. I can start and complete some songs that are ready for radio in less than 3 hours. My favorite production tool is the vocal/instrument synthesizers. The plug in I use is a secret because I can’t give out the name due to a non-sponsorship with the company.
Song name: Electronic Love
Music Genre:: Electronic
The song I created from complete scratch was inspired by the fact people fall in love with a person and they may never be able to express that to the other person. That is why I chose to name the song “Electronic Love”. The Love will always be sealed into this song, so if you are listening to the song, you are with you’re true Love forever.

 I live in Jay, Maine currently and spend most of my time playing and coaching Basketball. It has become a year round thing for me. Once a season has ended, I enter a new Basketball league to keep the excitement going. Outside of that, I am a casino runner. I play Black-Jack and Roulette with high success. A lot of income comes from the Casino. I also take online college classes at the University of Presque Isle. I have 4 more classes left for my Bachelors Degree in the Arts.