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Band Name: Earnest Williams
Person Interviewing: Earnest Williams

What defines “Success” to you..
Success for me is when my music career can sustain me and my family and I can live and work for myself and build my music dream around the clock full-time and not have to work for other companies.
Niche Audience..
I try to stay in my vein to cater to the audience that I have and appreciate. I put out great stuff consistently every 6 week and keep that evenly distributed through social media.

What piece of music advice forever changed your way of thinking..
The biggest piece of music advice that forever changed my way of thinking is to know the business side. To be well rounded in all aspects of the music business not just being a singer and performing.
I’ve learned that you need to spend time understanding all aspects of the business and making sure that you know the difference to get the job done. It’s ultimately up to you to do the best by yourself, develop great relationships with people who can help you and stay focused on that end goal.

I live in…
Dallas, Texas. The music scene here is full with a variety of all music genres, but with my experience the process of becoming noticed is a slow process. It is hard to gain exposure from the radio stations to be played as an independent artist in Dallas. It is easier to gain your exposure in other cities and states.
Song name: Waitin for You

Music Genre:: RnB

My music is…
A little bit of sound of old school RnB with a modern twist of RnB. My music is soulful, sensual, and sexy. I write from experience. Typically I begin with the piano and develop the drums then the lyrics. It takes me about 2 weeks per song but I pay very close attention to the details. If I can feel it, I know that my fans will too and I work hard not to disappoint them.

This song is about..
Loving and committing your love to a woman. Waiting for her and only her. Sharing your love and emotion with her 100%.


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