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I currently live in layton Utah near salt lake city…
The music scene is northern utah is fairly strong and it seems to be growing. From what I’ve noticed the main genres around seem to be hard-core/metal and country. So unfortunately not a lot of opportunities for someone in my genre of music but that isn’t going to stop me from trying

Well as far as the “big leagues” big record labels/A@R etc. I honestly don’t know enough yet to be able to have an opinion. Locally though I’m not very happy with how it goes. From my experiences and other musicians I’ve met your option are fairly scarce. You either can try and work with a promoter who basically is just going to use you for there own financial gain and more ticket sales or play every bar, coffee shop, local venue etc most of the time for a little to no audience.

I would love to have 5 minutes alone with….
Billy Joe from green day no question. He has always been one of my biggest influence. Mainly for his i dont care attitude, do what you love and makes you happy no matter what any one says. Plus I love that green day proves that you don’t have to necessarily be the most talented to still be able to connect with people and create enjoyable music.

Music Genre: Singer song writer

It’s about a very low point in my life after losing my fiance who is also the mother of my son, my home and everything else I had spent my life building up. So in short I felt like I was living the dream then suddenly the harsh reality set in.

Link : https://www.marcusrobbinsmusic.com

What we can expect from your music or new album:
My music is mostly based off of personal experiences or how I view certain things in life good or bad. My intention and hope is that any one of any back ground will be able to find personally identifiable and with others

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