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Person Interviewing: Brock Johnson

Late Night Thoughts (Prod. by GHXST)

Hard work…
I feel that I definitely have a spot in this business if I’m willing to work hard enough, I know that if I can get my music heard, the rest should fall into place. Not trying to sound to cocky, but If I didn’t have this confidence I wouldn’t be where I am today

I would love to have 5 minutes alone with….
I’d love 5 minutes to talk with Drake, his story has been incredible to watch over the past years.. I mean the dude went from being the paralyzed kid on degrassi to one of, if not, the hottest rapper today. He’s definitely transformed himself to become this mega star and I would love to know what drove him to be what he is, maybe a look at some of the personal struggles that led him to keep going despite all the adversity.

I’m from Hot Springs, Arkansas…
and the music scene here (at least for my genre) isn’t really all that prominent, most concerts are held in LR and mainly anyone that performs in Arkansas is a country artist, but don’t get me wrong, there’s a ton of talent that resides here, you just have to know where to find it


I’m currently working on my first mixtape titled: Waves Are Bound 2 Change….
This project means a lot to me because it’s my story, each song has it’s own vibe and sound that I know you won’t find with another artist. I think my listeners will rock with it too because there’s a lot of good tracks on there for a lot of different situations!

Music Genre: R&B Soul/ Hip-hop

This song is a personal reflection of my thoughts that have been weighing on me, I often reflect on things over and over until I feel the urge to say something about it, I feel that this song captures a lot of different sides of me.

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