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Episode #420: A.V.A Live Radio Behind The Music with Jacqueline Jax :

Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW HAIL THE HATTER
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

Jonathan Boos (Vocals)
Dax Cartar (Guitar)
Nicolai Assam (Drums)

Music business…
Jonathan (Vocals): The music business is not what it was, and bands need to figure that out quick. The path to making it big is no longer being discovered, signing a record deal, and instant rock star. The industry is very much what it was in the 60’s and 70’s. Bands can no longer make money selling music. The way to make it in the industry is by playing live, and making people aware of your product. What this means is self promotion, wait on no one to discover you, and it also means giving your music away for free if you have too. Radio won’t play you, but the people still need to hear you.

Dax (Guitar): About the music industry. I’ve always dreamed personally of being a part of it on the international level. Just wanna get paid for doin what we love which is rock music. Don’t fancy at all the uber commercial stuff that the industry in brainwashing the world with, don’t wanna be a part of that slaughter.

Pros – being recognized as a serious musician in a difficult scene in Trinidad is always encouraging. Also, being able to make cash from playing out in the corporate market.

Cons – the rock scene is filled with a lot of negative competition. Which is sad as it’s so small. Instead of lifting up each other, we wanna drag each other down – as we in Trinidad call a “crab in barrel” mentality.

Another con is most of the local airwaves refuse to play local rock. So one has to deal with much frustration….many simply give up
Pro – That being said above, this frustration pushes us even further to get our music heard with even more focus and discipline.

Bone Grin
The concept behind the song is that a person can look you in the eye with a straight face, but underneath the skin the skull is always smiling. Essentially a dishonest person will always be dishonest at heart.

It was the first song written by the band at a time when we were not sure about what our sound would be. We just got together and threw everything a wall to see if we could work together, and see what would come of it. We think it turned out pretty well. The song was recorded in 6 hours.

New album…
Jonathan (Vocals): The genesis of the band was Dax and I getting together and discussing what we missed in rock and roll. We both agreed that we thought the fun and showmanship had disappeared from the music, and we couldn’t understand why it seemed as though musicians thought in order to be taken seriously and respected they had to play dour music. We decided that would be our goal, to bring the fun back to rock music, and we set about getting the musicians we knew would have the same goals as us. Now the team has been formed, and the music we make sticks to those principals. As we say we are a head banging, beer drinking good time. Our goal is that when you hear our music or see our shows you leave both impressed by a talent, and have a had a good time.

Dax (Guitar): What to expect? Really we just want to bring our own spin on bringing back the fun and good times to rock n roll. We will be evolving and pushing our creative boundaries within that logic. While doing our best to keep it fun.



I would love to have 5 minutes alone with….
Jonathan (Vocals): I know everyone would expect me to say some rock star, but if I could have five minutes alone with anyone it would be my grandmother who has passed. She was always my strength, and my greatest support and admirer. She was the person that forced me to take vocal lessons, and even though she didn’t like our style of music she would be proud of what we are doing. What she would be really proud of is the book I am writing telling the story of the Hatter. She always wanted me to write.

Dax (Guitar): Whew hmmm – does it have to be one person, cause I kinda got a bucket list of guitar heroes I would love to hang with. That being said, Slash – as he’s always inspired me and no matter how technical I go in the guitar, Slash’s sense of melody, soul, style and composition have always been a major landmark for me. I always go back to him for inspiration. Also Dime if he was still with us (God rest his soul)….guess in the next life. Same goes for Randy Rhoads. Love those guys! And just for the record – I owe much of my knowledge to geniuses like Steve Vai, Tommy Emmanuel, Marty Friedman and the guitar monster Guthrie Govan. Definitely wanna sit down with him and simply learn!

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