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Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW FEW MILES SOUTH
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

Tori Lund and Blake English

Blake has a background in songwriting and engineering so producing the work has been both a large task but an enjoyable one. Music production is an important part of creation so we feel it’s important for an artist to learn how to use the equipment. This year we will be spending a great deal of time on the road performing the music but the long term goal is to bring our music to Florida. We feel that Los Angeles is a limited space for us musically and Florida offers a new world of possibilities so you may see a change of venue coming up for us soon. Stay Tune.  Website:
On Down the Road…
takes you on a road trip from LA to southwest GA where southern hospitality offers a much needed reprieve from city life. Roots conscious and traditional, this is not your average mainstream pop-tart country. Driven by a train beat, chicken pickin’ guitars and classic pedal steel, Tori’s vocals are electrifying and honest and have been described as “syrup on a waffle.” You can’t help but tap your toes and slap your knees to this one.

Few Miles South is completely independent and out of pocket. “On Down the Road” was self written, produced and recorded by Blake and Tori with guest appearance from Bob “Boo” Bernstein (Tanya Tucker, Mark Chesnutt, Hell on Wheels) on pedal steel. We wrote it last summer after driving cross country from LA to Blake’s hometown, Blakely GA.

It was difficult adjusting to LA when we got back and made us miss the simple life of being in the woods, away from crowds and noise. Tori’s family lives in WY so we’re both country folk at heart and ready to get the hell out of the city.

Our album…
started out as songs that were written to be sold to other artists or licensed for TV/ Film. The more we wrote the more we got attached to the songs, so we decided to do this as band, quit our jobs and start playing everywhere we could.

One cool thing with this project is that it has been completely in-house. We wrote, produced, played, recorded, mixed and financed the entire project together and we are very proud of that. Our album combines a lot of our musical interests- old school country, rock, blues, so you get a mix of styles.

Los Angeles…
Not much of a country music scene for original country bands. You have to play covers to play the few paying country venues. We plan to move south so we can be closer to the country scene. In the meantime we are hustling to play wherever we can, open mics, showcases, festivals, farmers markets, really anywhere we can find people who will listen.

Music Business…
Music industry is really competitive now in all areas, but being able to DIY digitally/online without a major label is exciting. Our biggest challenge as an indie band is coming up with funds to support our music and opportunities to get it heard.

Inspired by Sturgill Simpson…
To hear his story and how he got his music/band where it is today. His music is rooted in tradition but also takes a lot of risks, sonically and lyrically, especially his 2 more recent albums, Metamodern Sounds in Coutnry Music and A Sailor’s Guide to Earth.

It’s inspiring to hear music that surprises you and I’d love to hear more about his influences and motivation. There’s a shout out to him in “On Down the Road” because we listened to his albums so many times on that road trip.


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