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Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW ABBY K
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

I’m driven by the emotions of life. I try to embrace feelings and the wonderful spontaneous moments of my life. As I’m a camper, I started to collect heart shaped rocks along my journey. The rocks aren’t just rocks to me, they are a symbol of my journey through life. It reminds me to feel special and why I stand out just like that rock. I remember to acknowledge that I’m one in a million. 


Silhouette Blues
This song is a tale of the feelings one has for someone at the very beginning of a relationship. It’s what I call the “intoxicating unknown”; the rush that can overtake you and consume your entire day. It is a wistful love song of what is to come; or the blues you feel when your love isn’t there. I wanted it to sound old. As if you landed upon a saloon on the back roads to go in and find this playing on the jukebox.

Collecting Hearts…
For those that don’t know me, I am an avid collector of heart shaped rocks. Heart Rock “hunting” became a true pastime for me three years ago on a camping trip I visit annually. Like all beautiful things, this hobby grew into an idea; a song, and now, my record.

These magical gems are everywhere; and mostly go unnoticed. Thrown within a pile of a hundred other rocks, they are simply that. But when discovered, their beauty unfolds.

Songwriting for me is about discovering simple everyday stories. I have infinite gratitude for the freedom life affords me to create these stories and for countless family members, friends and fellow musicians, who have carried me along the journey and inspired me to compose beautiful music from simple observation.

Heart Shaped Rock is an album filled with emotions of love and the many different faces it can exist. Simply put, it is Heart Rock.

I grew up in Kentucky and landed in Seattle four years ago. I hang out and play music a lot in W. Seattle. I discovered a great open mic there and have never stopped going. I also discovered Alki Beach where I have spent much time writing, observing, photographing, and recording video footage that has been sprinkled throughout my year-long album release. It is an extraordinary place that never disappoints. A special spot allowing reflection without judgement to anyone needing solace or peace.


Music Industry…
I feel the music business is not much of a business when you can’t get discovered or find platforms to reach fans who appreciate my niche/ genre. I do the best I can to promote myself and play and write as much as possible. Balancing that with my other jobs while staying close to my family and being a parent, makes it challenging at times. I’m a one-woman show. But I continue to pursue music because it’s a part of who I am. And that’s the most important reason of all.

Inspired by…
Emmylou Harris because she has effectively worked with every artist that has been influential in my musical background. She lived and participated through the 1960s folk music boom and listening or watching her perform is mesmerizing. Oh to be Emmylou……


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