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Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW WOUNDEDSPiRiT
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

Jason Kelly – Vocals ( indi-Stadium Rock)

Together as a band, we make a great team. Individually we may not feel like the best musicians on earth but together we bring out the best in each other. Our musician team is very cohesive and we have a great time working together. 

After the 90’s trend of tribute bands, we have just come back together after 16 years and we are amazed at how much the music business has changed during the time we’ve been away from it. Vinyl is having a popular serge in our area today so we will most likely be planning a Limited Edition record for release in the near future. Keep an eye out for a crowdfund for that.

We also support and want to use our music to bring light to a terrific foundation:

The Band…
We formed in 1989 and for 11years tried to break into the industry, endless days sending cassette tapes and knocking on doors, the emergence of tribute bands made the scene superficial with promoters expecting you to play covers, we stayed true to ourselves and what we believed in, this caused our disbanding in 2000.
2016 we came back together, the Internet, social media as made releasing your music so much easier and the potential to reach a bigger audience. We have some catching up to do, we believe it’s our time to let the world hear our sound.


The song was recorded as a demo in 1993, it was wrote about a girl that no matter where I was, I always looked for her, hoping for that glimpse…….. I still look now We decided to re-record to give it an up to date feel, people still talked about the song so when we reformed in 2016 it seemed natural to do again, the profits for the single are going to.

The song was produced by Gareth Young of Cube Recording…
We are now in pre-production for the Album, we have found demos from 25 years ago, we have a strong idea for the direction of the album, it will be produced by Gareth Young, you can expect an album that tells the story of WOUNDEDSPiRiT, a mixture of Guitar driven, to anthems, gospel, orchestra we plan to make the album we always wanted to make and always enjoyed playing live. We want the listener to hear that we gave up on the music scene, yet are so proud of our music, we want the listener to feel in love for the first time, to seeing the world for the beautiful world it is.

We admire Simple Minds, they took a lot of knocks, saw their audience dwindle yet stayed true to themselves and keep producing great music that as won over a new audience. They love what they do. The single is release on 24th March 2017 it is currently available for pre-order on iTunes, link at top of page.

It will be available on release on Spotify, deezer, Amazon, iTunes plus other digital retailers.