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Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW Zero Detail
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

Interviewing: Taylor Niebel

Brad Fryou – Vocals
Matt Powers – Guitar
Alex Dundas – Bass Guitar
Taylor Storm Niebel – Guitar

We are a Houston…
band made up of local Houstonians. The local scene is a blend of unique artistry and talent. Our city is made up of rock shows, reggae shows, rap shows, pop shows, punk shows, etc. Everyone brings their own spice to the mix to make the local scene completely original and full of zest. We are musicians full of fire, passion, in addition to a hunger brought to each one of our performances that makes each show an experience to be had. Houston is modern renaissance.

Music business…
Perhaps the biggest obstacle we constantly face is timing and scheduling. We all have
very scheduled work; Taylor and Alex are engineers, Matt is an accountant, and Brad teaches music lessons. We are still relatively new in the music scene, so that in itself is a difficulty we are currently facing. Making connections, networking, and getting our name out there is something that every new musician has to work hard on. Despite us playing and writing together for over two years, we are just now starting to share our music with the world. Each day is a learning experience for us.

With that being said, we must say that all of the bands we have come across have been
extremely welcoming and supportive of our project. The Houston music scene is incredible and we are ecstatic to have been welcomed into this talented ambiance.

The level of rigor the music business holds is much higher than I think anyone anticipates when going deciding to join a band and try to make it. It takes an incredible amount of dedication, time commitment, sacrifice, and support for each other. We are ready, committed, and unwavering in our desire to become your favorite party song.



5 AM Floor…
For us, 5 A.M. Floor for is the perfect example of our collaborative nature. The song all started when our lead guitarist, Matt Powers, wrote a simple riff that just dripped of sunshine and a cool summer-breeze. Needless to say, we all loved this, so Matt went to work and drafted up a song structure with more guitar parts. The funny thing is, that the song we ended up with sounds so very different from what Matt had initially put together.

Our singer, Brad, took Matt’s composition and screwed it all up. I mean, he put choruses where verses were, moved the solo around, and even removed parts altogether. Once he changed this all up, he wrote up some lyrics with his brother, David Fryou, and brought them to us. The chorus alone was so incredibly catchy, that we couldn’t be mad at the fact that what he brought back was an entirely new song. It definitely took us some time to get used to, but we trusted in our collaborative process and pushed forward.

Once we had this new structure set, Alex and Taylor were left to write and add their own sounds into the track. We thought at this point we had a finished product, but we were wrong. During recording, Brad invited one of his old buddies, Jamien Graves, AKARickey Benz, to the studio. Brad had an idea to remove the verse that he had written before the bridge and replace it with a very rhythmic rap. That’s where Jamien came in. He walked into the studio, took all but twenty minutes, and perfected his addition to the track right there on the spot. He absolutely nailed the vibe of the song, and helped make the track what it is today.

What we ended up with is an island-esque party song that has a little piece of everybody in it. It doesn’t sound like Matt Powers, and it doesn’t sound like Brady Fryou. It doesn’t sound like any one of us in particular, but it sounds like Zero Detail.

Our debut EP…
“Free You”, was released about a month ago on March 20th. It has a very upbeat and bright sound, but when you take a closer look into the lyrical content, you get a much darker view. The EP follows a main character from start to finish; coming to an abrupt close in the final track.

The lyrical content is largely influenced by our singer, Bradley Fryou, and his own experiences. The content wrestles with a very heavy subject that is meant to challenge our own perception.

We pride ourselves in the fact that our music does not sound the same, and we strive to walk that line between having a cohesive sound and having a great variety. Our current EP does this by pulling influences from many genres. We have already started working on new music and can say that our newest pieces are no exception.

We would like to start moving towards more straightforward positive lyrics, but will continue to produce works about anything that spark our creativity and drive.

I would love to have 5 minutes alone with….

From our singer, Brad Fryou: If I had 5 minutes alone with anyone, I would choose Omar RodríguezLópez. Omar is the primary writer and guitar player for one of my favorite bands, The Mars Volta. The first time I heard them, I fell in love with some of the big, testosterone driven guitar passages. Although I felt simultaneously offended by certain notes, effects, and rhythmic choices, I became inquisitive as to why those specific textures were chosen. The more I listened, the more these stylistic choices seemed to work together in a really interesting way. The song, “Asilos Magdalena” is a perfect example of a beautiful, tranquil guitar part that is progressively almost destroyed by effects and “wrong” notes. It is one of my favorite tracks from any artist I’ve ever listened to. So, I would want to sit Omar down, then discuss with him his perception of music; the way he interprets sounds, musical colors, textures, and rhythms seems unique. I would hope to gain insight to his point of view not only as a composer, but an instrumentalist.

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