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by Jacqueline Jax

Music business…
It’s a wild place, I have to say. Competition is harder than ever nowadays. It’s really hard to be heard, especially by the right people. Everyone would like to get signed to a Major Label, go on tour with the best of the best and making it to get huge gigs and media attention. Building your career is definitely harder than I thought. That’s what I’ve experienced during the past few years. Recently, an A&R from Universal replied to an email from me where I sent him one demo, telling me he’d like me to send everything I had to him. I was hoping it could go further but in the end, it was a reluctant no. It didn’t feel very good, you can imagine ! But I’m still here, trying to go as far as possible !

Social Media…
It’s probably the number one tool to get your career started. If you’re an active person on social media, you’re most likely going to get attention. The challenges are always the same, so many people, so little occasions to make it in the business … You have to update everything, it’s pretty hard sometimes. But if you do it, it pays off in the end !

How do you feel about releasing singles vs an album..
It depends on the material you have right away. If you don’t have a finished album but let’s say 3 or 4 tracks, sending the tracks one by one as a single first might help ! If your music is heard, people are going to look for the whole product. Chances are, they’re going to buy it when it comes out ! Personally, I wanted to make a small EP, so people have the whole context behind the music and they can relate to the message. But I’m definitely releasing singles in the near future as well !

How do you feel about the importance of music marketing for an artist…
Without marketing, it’s pretty difficult to get in the game. It’s sad in a way because it’s not about the music anymore, it’s mostly about money. Huge marketing brings huge profit. The industry needs it and you need it as an artist as well. In the end, living of what you love the most is everyone’s biggest dream right ? I don’t really stick to a marketing plan, I’m trying to submit demos here and there, get some airplay … I’m new to this, even though I’ve been making music since I was a kid. It’s very interesting though ! I’m looking forward to learning more about it in the future.

I would love to have 5 minutes alone with…
Aaliyah. She was immensely talented and I would have loved to see her become someone in the music business today. I still listen to her songs, I did when I was a kid. Nothing compares to some good old school RnB lol. Her music inspires me to this day and I would have been honored to meet her or to make a collaboration with her.

I think it’s about who you are. I personally like my style, this is how I want to be seen. But if you’re confident enough and if you want to follow the trend your own way, it’s also cool. It’s maybe a little too important when it comes about music (which honestly sucks because it has nothing to do with it … But I admit, I love fancy suits and clothes !)

Challenge yourself…
I try to stay creative on a daily basis. I’m already composing and writing new music, I’m going to hit the studio again in a few weeks ! I try to make music every day.

I am most afraid of…
Losing people I love. Without them, I wouldn’t be here, especially for my girlfriend. It’s all about what people give you, even when they don’t notice it. Now that I’m 20 years old, I can see how much I’m loved for being myself. And I feel honestly blessed for that.

Personal definition of success…
Realising your dreams, never give up and making it to where you want to be. There’s no better sense of accomplishment than when you reach your goals. Sky is the limit kids

TR: I started when I was about … 5 I think.
I took my first music lessons in a local music school in my hometown in Switzerland, started studying music theory and basic rythms. Lessons were always fun, we played acts, played on different instruments, things kids do … It was good fun ! I started playing drums as my main instrument as well around that time. And I kept on going ever since ! I had a band a few years ago, we used to play rock/pop punk music together (me as the drummer of course). Good times as well, but the band broke up because of personal problems. It motivated me even more to learn and try to put together a new project. I studied producing and audio engineering, made an internship in a studio, studied lots of other music styles, played some gigs … Now here I am ! I’m going to start studying at the Jazzcampus in Basel, Switzerland as well this fall.

This song is called Trust…
it’s all about your relationship with your girlfriend or boyfriend. Of course, here I’m talking about my girlfriend. I tried to express how good it feels to have someone you can trust in this world, and how inspirational it is to feel like the very basic things you do as a couple actually make you grow up as a person. This relationship keeps inspiring me and I know it turned me into a better person as well as a better musician. Feelings can grow very old, it feels good to realize that. Funny thing is, when I recorded it I wanted her to be proud so I was kind of shy to release it on my EP. I was quite afraid of what she might have thought of it first, like maybe it was too much of a happy tune or such. In the end she was really touched and she really liked it ! What a relief haha.

My new EP is called Ultraviolet….
I chose this name at the beach, when I was trying to hide from the sun because my skin was burning. In the end, even if I tried to forget about it while talking with friends, I still got a sunburn … I know it might sound very abstract haha, but in the end it’s got a lot to do with the subjects I talk about in this album. This EP is … well, kind of dark ! White Walls talks about breaking up with your loved one or feeling betrayed, like someone stabbed you in the back. There’s also Travel, which explains about people who get wasted and do drugs to forget about reality and the hard truth life it is made of. Interlude also speaks of betrayal and opportunistic people who only consider themselves as being important, crushing others to reach whatever type of goal they have. On the other hand however Trust brings balance to this EP, it’s a pretty happy tune who brings light in to the darkness of the other tracks. These are feelings. Everyone has those, and everyone can relate even if the feelings are all very different. In the end, it’s about how you feel, your emotions and your perception of reality as a human being. And whatever you do, you can’t run away from all of those things, you’re always going to be confronted to them. Even if you try to run away, events will catch up eventually and you’ll have to face consequences. Like me when I got a sunburn on that hot day on the beach haha !

I live in Biel, Switzerland…
It’s in the canton of Bern. In my hometown, we have a famous venue for Hip Hop called “La Coupole”. It’s pretty much THE reference around the area in terms of venue for gigs. And everyone has a shot, even if you’re not into Hip Hop ! It’s pretty famous for accepting a lot of requests. The music scene is more centered towards Hip Hop, New school Hip Hop, Pop and deep house or minimal tech. We like to go out and party ! Having fun, hanging out … simple things life can offer are sometimes the best. Especially when there’s some good party music going on. We also have a Jazz bar, the SCAT Bar, where you can bring in your instrument and jam with other musicians. It’s small, but it gets the job done ! We always have a blast when we go there.

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