“We believe that all music progresses together in its own right. We hope to open new doors in the way music is played, perceived and rejoiced.”- @milehighelements

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by Jacqueline Jax

To be able to play music as a way of living, and to know that our music paved the way for others to be inspired to play their music too. Knowing that people know our music and sing along, longing to see us at venues. To sell out venues all across the country and the hopefully one day the world. Just to be able to have our lives consumed in the love and happiness of music.

The Challenge of creating music…
We use our voice and our abilities to play an instrument. The challenge comes from writing different songs, lyrics and ways of applealing to all groups of people. We strive to connect with everyone, to not just reach out to a certain group but all that are willing to listen to our music and our message.

A Calling for Music…
Both of us have had a calling in music since we were young. For Krista it was when she started singing in chior then in various singing competitions throughout the state. Aaron’s journey began when he started his very own production which opened him up to work with various artists throughout the state.

Here I Am is…
a very personal and moving piece for both of us. It was written during a time when we both were going through some pretty intense life situations. The song is about how even in the darkest of times, you can always find a way out. It’s about standing your ground and never loosing sight of who you are. Recording it was a mix of both happy and sad emotions. Reflecting on the past, yet undersanding how we overcame is all. Hoping that this song will send the same message of hope to others who are/ or have gone through some difficulties.

Mile high elementsDenver, Colorado…
In the Mile High City, the music scene is a growing one.  As we speak, artists have always come here to perform, but now there are new oppertunities to meet other striving artisits and play at various venues. Also the radio stations out here are always trying to find a new sound to promote.

The best part about living in Denver is that there is always something adventurous to do, including creatively entertaining people with our music. There are pianos at every block on the 16th street mall that we use. Also parks are a great way to be out on a summer day and showcase our sound. As a way of writing lyrics, going on long hikes with a pen and paper letting mother nature do the talking is great inspiration.

Music Trends..
We believe that all music progresses together in its own right. There isn’t a certain trend we try to aim for. We don’t believe in conforming, nor do we believe in doing what others tell us is the way of what “sounds good”. We play us. We are Mile High Elements and we hope that the sound translates that to everyone. In a way, we hope to open new doors in the way music is played, perceived and rejoiced.

If ever there was a group of musicians that dreamed of having their lives involved soley in the music world it’s them. Striving to create a unique sound that would touch the hearts of all those who listened, and inspire others through their work it’s them. Building upon a new age of music that would stand out from all the others it’s them. To be the center of new and energetic evolution of music it’s definitely them.
They are Mile High Elements. A musical group consisting of two members, Krista Lake (a wide range vocalist) and Aaron German (a master pianist). A group that would define their sound as contemporary, new age, pop. Formed back in 2013 Mile High Elements has been working on bringing a sound to an even higher level. But it has not been without hardships.
Starting at the young age of 5 Krista has been singing all her life. Beginning at her local church choir, she gained the confidence she needed to have stage presence. Having wonderful coaches along the way. It wasnt long before others starting noticing her unique voice, and about the time she graduated high school she realized that singing was her only option. Going from one collage to the next applying in some degree never was enough, there was always a longing for something more. She knew that music was the only time she felt like she belonged. After her last attempt at school in 2012, she took a leave of absence on her academic career and embarked on her musical journey.
Her first big step was the day she joined the band “Sirius B” in 2012. A more goth, punk rock band; it opened her eyes to how intense the music world can be. Teaching herself how to perform her own material, to be the front face of a band. Unfortunately the band only perform live once before it fell apart due to personal reasons. Then in late 2012 as she was engaging in friendly entertainment, Krista was introduced to Todd Danks. A great guitarist that was a mutual friend of a friend. They began working together on countless revisions of cover songs, with a few originals of their own, storming the Denver area with their sound. Definitely was the time when Krista began writing her own lyrics, composing her own sound and reinventing how she presented herself as a musician. And later in the year he helped her enter in a statewide competition “Colorado You Got Talent”, where she finished 7th in the state.
However the road with Todd was short lived, as he was at a point in his life where he realized that his dreams in the music world was a lot different than what she had envisioned for herself. It was a devastating blow, yet as hard as it was to say goodbye to that music path along came another. One that actually had the same ambitions and passions as she. They met in late 2013 and his name was Aaron German. A piano genius who was in the same statewide competition (CYGT), and who had competed against each other in the previous year. Together they developed the group Mile High Elements. But just like her, Aaron has faced many blows when trying to accomplish the same dreams. But as they say, “People who lack the clarity, courage, or determination to follow their own dreams will often find ways to discourage yours. Live your truth and don’t EVER stop!”
― Steve Maraboli.
Yet the road to success didn’t always come easy to Aaron, as is the same with any great artist. Starting with a traumatic tragedy that not only stoked the flames of his passions for music, that very music also saved his life. His visionary goal is to be the best he can be, to reach the ultimate height of success. Listening to others throughout his life (Like Beethoven, Franz Liszt, Robert Studdinger and Johannes Brahms to name a few) inspired him to compose unique, contrasting styles that gives him that edge.
His thirst for the dream reached a new high, and in 2009 he created his very own production called “Musical Mindset” which set him up to work with various musicians and develop his own sound freely. Perfecting his sound along with making a name for himself; it was then that he found his first group “Autumn Lies” in 2011. They were a rock band in which Aaron played guitar and branched out in a different direction altogether, also gave him the taste of performing.
The band was a good 2 year long group, but fell apart either on disagreement or mutual parting. But that didn’t stop Aaron for shortly after he joined a reggae group called “Irie Remedy”. Things went well as they played all over the state and together found a common fellowship, yet something was amiss. He needed more of what he desired, a mutual passion for the dream. That was when he met Krista, and his drive and talent were equally met. He immediately became the lead piano composer for the group; it was the day that Mile High Elements was born.
Mile High Elements has been a work in progress for the last year and a half, and continues to grow each day. As they are currently working on recording their album and touring the city of Denver. There has been heartache, disappointment, and sorrow the entire road to get here, but was all well worth the fight. Their main goal now is to inspire, create, motivate, encourage and especially influence everyone that listens and above all let’s the music do the talking. For to them music is everything, it’s the beating of a heart, the thought of the mind – it is what feelings sound like.
For music is not what they do, it’s who they are: “Music is God’s little reminder that there is something else besides us in the universe; harmonic connection between all living beings, everywhere, even in the stars.”
-Robin Williams.

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