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Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW BONAZZOLI
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

Matthew Bonazzoli of The Bonazzoli Band. 

We are a unique mix of styles from rag time piano to rock and swing. We try to add versatility. We are taking the best of 20th century music combined into a 21st century sound.

Music Business…
I don’t think there is much of a music business anymore. It’s really been absorbed into the greater sphere of the overall entertainment category. Traditional labels are part of Television Networks or Movie Studios and artists today need to fit the needs across an entire spectrum. It’s also an industry no longer run by musicians and as such the pursuit of sales over artistry is very high which creates a market where marketing is more important than substance.

There are many. Rather than meeting someone to help me promote my music I think I’d settle for a good conversation with an artist I admire and feel a kinship to. Someone I would actually enjoy talking to rather than give a pitch to. That being said, probably Jeff Lynne or Alice Cooper. Both have influenced my songwriting in different ways and both are music pioneers and legends but their approaches to perfection and their continued drive to create are what I find most inspiring.

There Comes a Time…
The song is about reaching a point in your life when you realize that your days have become routine and you no longer are enjoying the little things you used to do. Sort of like when you get older. One night the character dreams of a time when he was younger and of what his life used to be like when he was young and adventurous and he wakes up realizing what is missing from his life. The song and the album it’s on were recorded in my home studio in Ormond Beach, FL.

The Music…
We like to say that our music is a mix of the best of 20th Century Music (rock, country, swing and blues) wrapped up into a 21st Century alternative. The new album continues that tradition. One of our strongest points is also the lyrics. Many of the songs on the album are of the sort where you can sit back and ponder the meanings and how they relate to your own life.


There are songs on Magicians of Radio that music fans of all genres and ages will appreciate and the album really gives each member the opportunity to highlight their virtuosities. There are blazing guitar solos, beautiful vocals and lyrics, complex piano and keyboards and a great rhythm section to back it all up. The arrangements are lush and give you something new to discover with each listen.

Ormond Beach, Florida…
The band is based out of Ormond Beach, FL and the music scene here is pretty tame. Original music is virtually non-existent and a steady stream of classic rock cover bands and solo acoustic troubadours play around to disinterested listeners. There are, however several great music festivals which cater to original music and we are usually found headlining those events.