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Episode #428: A.V.A Live Radio Behind The Music with Jacqueline Jax :

Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW LEATHERDUST
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

Interviewing: Johnny Miz, drummer for Leatherdust

To celebrate our first release, we developed a great new logo & images that we think help to tell our story and create an interest in our music. It’s important to think about how social media is playing a much larger roll in today’s music laugh and even though we will be focusing on playing the music live on stage, we want to have access to that much larger audience that social media offers. It still is all about the music and having fun.

I admire legends like ACDC and  Led Zeppelin who have stayed true to their original sound. To me it’s important to hold a strong position once your define your voice as a band and not let trends and fads effect your sound. 

Play the way you want to play and don’t change your sound for crowd popularity or you’ll get to far away from the reason you started. 



Ride is about sex, drugs and rock and roll. It’s about being carefree and that feeling of indestructability when you’re young. That time of your life when you can just go out and hit the night head on to see what happens.

We pride ourselves on our live show…
and try to reflect the same vibe in the studio. We record live off the floor together as a band to retain as much of the live feel as possible. Ninety percent of our tunes start with a killer guitar riff from Paul (lead guitarist). From there we jam and build the song around the riff. Once we have the basic feel and structure complete, Pete (vocalist and bass) will bring in the lyrics and melody to compliment the music. We believe in letting the music speak and set the tone for the subject matter.

We’re just on the outskirts of Toronto and play most of our gigs in Hamilton (The Hammer) where there is a great musical community of original talent and venues more than willing to take a chance on you. It’s just a really great scene. There are lots of venues that play live music and encourage local talent. Toronto is also a great music scene.

Music Business…
The music business is really interesting these days. There are so many bands and artists that are really great but never get a real shot. It is so fragmented with the superstars at the top and then a huge gap to the up-and-coming artists and then another huge gap to the amateur bands that may never get anywhere. You have to work really hard to even get noticed. Some venues are really proactive in giving you the opportunity to play and others are struggling with how to make money with you on stage. They want you to do all the promotion and bring in a crowd so they can make money.

Would love to spend 5 minutes with Robert Plant…
He and Led Zeppelin really set the bar for rock and roll and their legacy still stands today. Robert is an interesting character and I think he would have some interesting advice on how to accomplish something with your music.

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