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“I guess I’m most afraid of giving up. I still have songs to write, and something to say. Every time I pick up the bass I write something, and record it on my Zoom, or the voice notes in my phone. I just don’t want pick up my bass or guitar one day, and have nothing. Writer’s block scares me.” @EberleTara :: Iridesense

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by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

The music business is …
ever changing, and you have to able to change with the times. We have had many ups and downs in our careers. Management, and production deals, that opened up opportunities. We tried to stay true to our vision, but sometimes found ourselves compromising what we were about. The best thing we did was to stay together as a band. We all respect each other, and create some pretty amazing music. I am proud of what we have accomplished, with the songs we licensed to Nickelodeon, and all the big gigs we have played. But I still want our music to be heard by more people. I think there are so many bands trying to do it themselves now, and with Spotify people can just listen to what ever they want. You really have to find your niche, and a local following to help spread the word.

Music marketing for an artist…
I think it is very important to market yourself. Who you are, what you’re about, why you are unique? We have always sent out press releases when we release a new EP or single. You have to let people know what is going on with your career. Our theory is to be creating something new once a year. Stay current and connected.

Social media…
I like social media because it gives you the ability to connect with people all over the world. I think the challenge is to find a way to connect with your audience without just promoting your music. I think it’s important to share personal stories about your journey. People will be more inclined to buy your music if they know more about you. There are so many ways to connect between Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Sound Cloud etc. I try to share something new every few days, but I also don’t want to be overbearing. I’m still learning to navigate Twitter, but Facebook is my mainstay.

Singles vs an album…
I think releasing a single is what most artists are doing these days. I personally like buying the album, because then you discover so many other songs by an artist. But singles are where it seems to be going. It makes it easier to release new music if you are releasing a single because you can release it a lot quicker.

I would love to have 5 minutes alone with…..
Stevie Nicks. She is so cool, and classy. I love her style, and her songwriting. Her lyrics, and melodies are so unique. She is timeless.

I do think there is too much emphasis on being trendy…
I actually have a lyric in my song Voice of Reason, that talks about how following every trend can make you feel like you are pretending to be something you are not. You have to stay true to your vision. We had periods in our career when we tried listening to someone else, but in the long run it didn’t make us happy. You have to listen to your heart, and trust your gut.

I continue to challenge myself…
I recently got a guitar for my birthday, and I am determined to be able to play it well. I can play a little, but it never has been my instrument. I have been trying to learn to play songs of ours like Dangerous, No One in Nowhere, Stupid and Blind, and my new song One Heart. It is a challenge that I’m enjoying taking on.

I am most afraid of…
I guess I’m most afraid of giving up. I still have songs to write, and something to say. Every time I pick up the bass I write something, and record it on my Zoom, or the voice notes in my phone. I just don’t want pick up my bass or guitar one day, and have nothing. Writer’s block scares me.

My definition of success…
My personal definition of success is being able to continue to write, and have our songs mean something to someone else. It sounds simple, but we have always written songs to make a difference. Of course I would love to hear my songs on the radio, and have people singing along to them in the car. I would have love to get more film, and TV placements. We have had some success with placing our songs in the past, so I have seen the royalty checks from BMI. I know that can be a lucrative business. I would also love to write songs for other artists. I have so many songs, I don’t know what to do with them. Feel free to reach out to me, music supervisors, and artists 🙂 @EberleTara

I got started in music when…
I decided to start a band with my brother Rick. We grew up around music, with my mom playing guitar, and many cousins in theater, or bands. I also had friends who were musicians. I was writing poetry, and taking writing classes, and a guitar class at college. It was a way for me to express my feelings, thoughts, and dreams of the future. I liked to sing, and wasn’t proficient on an instrument yet. It helped to have my brother, and my guitarist to collaborate with. I loved writing the melodies, and lyrics. But I wanted to play an instrument, so I started teaching myself the bass guitar. It came really naturally for me. I gradually started playing it live, and it was instrument I was meant to play.

The Line…
is a song that was written in a way I wasn’t used to writing before. I heard the melody, and the lyrics for the verse while I was in the shower of all places. I started singing it in a jazzy way at first. It was like the song just wrote itself. The lyrics are like a lesson on life, almost like I talking to myself or giving advice to a friend. The first verse came very easy to me, the rhyme scheme and the concept for the song just evolved. The chorus is about how you have two paths you can go in life. One would get you into trouble, and the other will keep you safe. The straight line, or the crooked line. When I showed the song to the band, and my producer, they immediately liked it. We decided to record it, and in pre-production and rehearsals it became such a rock song. I really like the contrast between how I originally wrote the song, and what it became. The second verse took me sometime to write, because I wanted to build on the storyline. In the studio the harmonies took it to the next level. Then the bridge was written, and reworked a bit. It really summed up what I was saying about life. The more that you live the more you will discover. How true it that? It’s definitely one of my favorites.

We just released a new EP called Thought Parade….
It has one song on it that we released as a single called Mind Control Society. We decided to put this song on the EP because it is so important for people to hear. Fracking is an issue in this country, and we have a responsibility to make people aware of what’s going on. In the past music has been used to the inform, make change, and enlighten. So why not now? This song talks about what might happen if we continue to frack into the ground, and pollute the water. The Line is our rocking 80’s style anthem. We want people singing that chorus! “Walk a straight line, or a crooked line. Make up your mind, which way you’re going go.” My Revelation, is a honest look at what we have all thought about, running from our problems. No matter what bills you have, or problems you might be facing, running away isn’t the answer. Facing whatever the issue is, and trying to solve or change your situation is more productive. We want these new songs to be heard, and to help others through the difficult times we all face. We all have our bad days, and good days, and music helps us get by. We are really all about positive messages, and trying to change a through music.


Long Island, in New York…
The music scene is alive and well, with some cool of options on where to perform. We love playing outdoor shows, and have performed at many festivals in the past. One of the highlights was playing at the Jones Beach Band Shell. I hope we can perform at Jones Beach Theater one day! There are lots of great indoor venues too, like The Space in Westbury or The Patchogue Theater. We just performed at The Space on the main stage in June, and at the Lounge in July. We had our last photo shoot for our EP Secret Constellation at The Patchogue Theater. They have the most gorgeous chandelier. We have show coming August 21, at Revolution in Amityville that we looking forward to. We like to hang out and rehearse in our basement. We just set up a studio in our new house, and we couldn’t be happier. In my spare time I like to make jewelry, and have a page on Etsy where I sell my necklaces. It’s http://www.etsy.com/shop/purpleleight



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