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Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW LUCAS RABEL
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

What you can expect is more…
this album is a beginning as much as it is an end. It is a bit like an audio scrapbook in some cases there are years in between different instruments on a particular song so I can sit back and think of when we did the drums. where I was when I sang it. The weeks of shakers and tambourines and macaroni boxes and tapping my thumbs on cardboard boxes or learning a new exotic instrument to give a track a new characteristic. The very time consuming process of creating full choirs by layering one vocal at a time and what I really remember in this audio scrap book are all of the late nights with wonderful people. All of the parties and gigs, adventures and dangers. The hopeless times, when it seemed so dark I couldn’t find the light but through every single step music has held me in her sweet embrace and for that I am forever grateful.

Song name: Listen
Music :Rock/Folk/Roots

My two cents on Listen…
The first line is about means and ends, that the way you go about something is very important. We achieve just ends through just means. Then I reflect on the pace of life. This blistering pace we call modern. When did the world start moving forward? Why doesn’t it just spin? Then the chorus is about music as a lifestyle. How it brings us to a timeless place I call holy. One good thing about music is that when it hits, you feel no pain. The second verse reflects on the passage of time. Life is hello and goodbye. It is best to consider ones future. It is coming, I assure you.

Then, after a repeat of the first chorus…
In the final chorus there is incredible love. Love that lives in a harsh world and is oh so vulnerable. But when we combine all of our love our vulnerability makes us strong. So let us live love together in a harsh world.


The story about how this record was made deserves telling. It was made over a span of years and too many places and stories to remember. Hundreds of songs were written through my travels and i worked on recording them along the way from Seattle to Las Vegas to Chicago then Nashville. Then Atlanta, with quite the unexpected stopover in Oklahoma City. Then on to San Francisco to Long Beach and Los Angeles. Then back to Vegas until I stopped drownin’ in the desert and I found my way back home. To Seattle Washington. Where I live and play and create and laugh with all my dear friends.

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I left Seattle when I was 21, in search of a musical promised land. I searched high and low for the phantoms in my imagination. And after years of searching I have found myself right back in Seattle. And the irony is I have found the musical promised land. In Seattle I am proud to be a part of a beautiful network of beautiful people. All with tremendous gifts in their own right. And we all get together and we give our gifts away. To each other, to the tourists, to the bartenders and sound engineers. In Seattle we support and lift each other up and I’m proud to be a student to so many tremendous masters in this area.

Music business…
Well music has never been for the faint of heart and anyone who thinks it was just has some romantic notions that aren’t and never have been based in any reality. How musicians ever got labeled as “drop outs” and “do nothings” and “lazy” when what we do is the most difficult thing I have ever undertaken I don’t know. But I hear a lot of talk about the music “business”, but for me, the “business” never even crossed my mind until maybe six months ago.

This whole journey I’m on has been an exercise in faith. Pure, child like faith in the next step you must take. I didn’t get much ahead of myself at any one point. I had a horizon I guess, at some subconscious level. But the process of living a musical life, has always been so seductive to me. It’s always been driven by the immediate love. I guess all I’m saying is let’s not put the cart before the horse here. The basis of this business, is now, and always has been, and always will be the same. That basis boils down to communication. It comes down to great songs, that resonate for some magical and unknown reason. It is part science and part seance. So if you want to be a business person, there is plenty of room for you in a lot of places in this world. But music never did make much sense as a business for the vast majority of people. And for the people that have been able to endure and build great businesses at music, well they only did so because their love of music drove them to go to the ends of the earth on a never ending quest for truth, expression, creation, love, and unity. Let’s put that in the “business” and see how it sells.


I would love to have 5 minutes alone with….
Dave Matthews. My first big concert was at the Gorge to see DMB. What I saw there changed me in an elemental way. I saw powerful truths being lived in an absolutely authentic way. As me and my buddy Ian Crawford like to talk about, it’s the thing behind the thing. And Dave has that. You want to talk about the “Music Business” then let’s talk about Dave Matthews, but I don’t think that when he was a bartender in Charlottesville he was sitting there thinking “let’s go start a music business.” or “how can i innovate and reshape what is possible in the music industry” but what he probably did think was man I really love playing music, i wonder if i can get a gig on Friday night. And what I really admire about Dave is his supportive leadership style. He values his people. He supports his people just as much as they support him. His band has been together and close for 25 years. And so has his crew. The friendships he has fostered in this community called earth are absolutely tremendous. I’m a Beatles fanatic, and the Beach boys, and Dylan, and all the British invasion and the great tom petty and neil young. I have studied the lineage and beautiful history of music obsessively and in that context I hold Dave Matthews in the highest esteem. One of the best performers and generous spirits in the world. And for me he has taught me much. By listening to that man’s songs, I learned how to live. Many artists have given me this gift but none more than Dave.

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