Luther Jackson

“I am afraid of nothing. It used to be failure until I realized that failure was a necessary ingredient for success.” -@thepopkid

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by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

Overcoming hurdles…
I have learned that slow and steady wins the race. I used to spread myself and resources thin but now I’ve learned to prioritize and visualize before acting on something and taking it steps at a time.

I am afraid of…
nothing. It used to be failure until I realized that failure was a necessary ingredient for success.

Success is…
to live a life of passion and purpose with a thriving family and career life.

Biggest accomplishment…
Just being able to complete my album. To actually hold the CD in my hand. It was a special moment.

3 Ways that I challenge myself…
1) be more social media savvy
2) to get in better shape
3) to hone my stage performance

These will all help me become a better entertainer and entrepreneur.

Starting in music…I first began singing in my church youth choir because my mom was the choir director but in high school my friend and I started a hip hop group called Shabazz brothers.

Invitation for love…
The song is basically a courting song to pay homage to the first time I met my wife. It’s also an inspired retro take on 90’s R&B which is my favorite era. We created the extended version on the album to celebrate the early R&B origins where they would croon for literally 10-15 minutes. It allows the artist to express themselves more vividly and naturally with no boundaries.

What to expect…
The album is called Unstoppable and it really embodies who I am as a man and the passion I have for the love of my wife.

Living in Burbank…
Burbank/Los Angeles is where I reside so the music is pretty much top 40 sound or local hip hop.They have great Hollywood venues here like Roxy and Whisky a Go Go and of course big stages like Palladium and Hollywood Bowl. Outside of music I love going to movies it a great release and spending quality time with my family.

The music industry…
It’s great yet challenging. Right now, in this era of the music business they want you to make it on your own then jump in and profit on the back end once you have a strong following. They need sure bets now before investing big dollars into acts hoping to make it all back and then some. So I try to be independent and it really plays into my favor at this moment. The pros of the industry is I have complete creative control of my image, sound, and brand. Cons are that I have to finance every aspect of my business out of my own pocket.

Luther JacksonSingles vs. albums…
I’m a big fan of the full body of work. I believe the singles are highly important but should ultimately lead to the album.

Music trends…
Well you always want to balance relevancy with being unique and creative and authentic.
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