They say that every musician eventually goes back to their roots.  In reality, over the course of this journey we all have so many influences in our lives that it would be a shame to name only just a few. I’ve been a big fan of rock music all my life but also several other genres including blues & country have shaped my process and our songwriting. The best thing is to keep that inspiration flowing by surrounding yourself with great people, good times and amazing music what ever your feeling at the time.

Modern Day Outlaw
Person Interviewing: Sergio Cesario

Meet the Band:
We’re a group of 5 misfits who love to party and play music. Residing in South Florida where we all  had come from different walks and influences of life we got together to create music that successfully blends elements of metal, rock, blues and country.

Ron Brown – Vocals
Jake Nicholson – Lead Guitar
Sergio Cesario – Rythm Guitars
Rob Palladino – Bass guitar
Kirk Sarmiento – Drums

Song name: Moving On
Music Genre: Rock

This song is about…
Sergio Cesario and Rob Brown created the music and lyrics to this song. The song is really a testament to the middle class working life, the trials and tribulations that one undergoes through life. How do you cope? You remember the only lesson that our parents taught us, to put life in the rear view and move forward!

Link to play::

The musical process…
This is probably going to make you laugh but Ron likes the triangle, Kirk is particular to cowbell, and Jake and Rob can play a mean tambourine! But in all seriousness we love our instruments and good old fashion Rock N Roll. We write by going through riffs we all like, add drums and try to throw makeshift lyrics on it. Usually we think of the chorus first and go from there. We’ve used concepts in the past and draw from life experiences. The purpose of life is to live it and taste those experiences. As musicians, we play them and sing them so the listener can feel them.

I live in…
We all live in a South FLORIDA and spend most of our time working, writing music and having good times with our friends! It’s all about that South florida Lifestyle. It rocks.

Favorite music or success quote…
Outlaws never die, we just rest and retaliate!

In this past 5 months we have focused on promoting the current music we have. I think it’s been some of our best work and we are really proud of it. We would love for everyone to at least hear it for themselves and decide if it’s something for them. Ultimately we don’t know where it will go, but the songs will always and forever be something that will be forever etched in time like a time capsule for this band and can never be taken away from us!

What are 3 things you’ve learned this past year..
Winter doesn’t exist in Florida, Our state is shaped like a penis and Modern Day Outlaw wants to travel throughout the US kicking every town in the ding ding!


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Twitter: @moderndayoutla1