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Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW ELLEN THWEATT
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

My last EP “Halfway in the Clouds”…
was nostalgic towards the past few years of moving away from home and the changes in growing up. My hope was to portray raw and honest emotion to listeners. My favorite line in the EP is from my song “Airplane.” The chorus says, “The sky knows I am a runaway mind when it comes to accepting the pain.”

Moving from my teens to my twenties, I struggled with depression and understanding where I really belonged. I always felt at home being up in the clouds traveling in an airplane. I was able to process any doubts about God and about who I was. I felt as though I was escaping pain because the airplane was taking me someplace new.

My hope is that someone feels understood and possibly not alone in their journey in life by listening to my music.

I live in Nashville, TN….
which is famously acclaimed as “Music City.” The best places (in my opinion) to go listen to musis are at house shows with inde singer-songwriters. So many people are amazingly talented, but don’t get a lot of credit. House shows are a great way to make connections with talented and friendly people.
The pros about this city is that so many people are musicians, songwriters, producers, etc, so you know that you are not alone and can find someone with your same dreams right across the street. The downside of a town like this is that sometimes it can be harder to stand out when so many people are focused on music just as much as you are.
I would LOVE to have 5 minutes alone with…
the lead singer and songwriter Scott Hutchison from the band “Frightened Rabbit.” His songs are so real to the human heart and full of depth. I’ve cried and also felt lots of hope simultaneously from his lyrics. I think that some of the best songs every written are their songs “Floating in the Forth” and “Backwards Walk.”

I first started this song after listening to Sheryl Crow’s song also called “Homesick.” I loved her idea that being homesick can be in relation to a physical building where you live, but also to the separation from a person that you loved.

This song was written for people that I loved, but wasn’t able to stay in contact with because of changes in my life. When I started growing up and leaving home, there were a lot of relationships that I had to let go of. There was always a stinging reality that letting go of someone you were close to leaves a mark in your heart, and sometimes it lasts for years. My hope for recording the song was that listeners would feel understood in knowing that they were not alone in their process of “moving on.” There is a beauty inside the ache of losing a relationship. It means that you truly cared for someone and they shared a piece of their life with you.

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