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Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW KYLE JOHNSON
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio


There are some things in music I love like quality and method but I just try to create from a more unusual perspective. 


I reside in Seattle, Washington…
The music scene here has heavy doses of folk, alt rock, experimental, indie rock and underground hip hop. You could probably add most any music genre after the word indie and it is probably played here somewhere. A good place to go if you crave folk, Americana, country or bluegrass can be found at the Tractor Tavern.

Seamonster Lounge is a good place if you’re looking for jazz, blues, funk and soul music. At Neumos you can find indie pop, rap and all sorts of alt and indie rock. I’ve crossed paths with mostly great and some not so great people in music. I have met a good amount of really humble and kind musicians. I try to remember when I meet someone rude that they may just be having a bad day. I try to focus on the positive and embrace every small success I’m able to accomplish. The only advice I would give people is to be more supportive to your fellow musicians. It’s a small world and replacing bridges that you’ve burned is no way to get ahead.

My father. He worked hard but had a great sense of humor. He went from a small rural town and became successful doing what he loved. He left this earth way too soon and I would love to know him as a man.
Your Smile…
I wrote this song after thinking how difficult and lonely life had been before I met my wife. It reminded me of how great my life is with her and our journey to get to where we are in our relationship. I had to learn how to play the piano just for this song. It didn’t sound right on the guitar. I’m still learning but hopefully I will become more proficient on the piano soon.


This album is…
the sum of my life as I know it. Some are based on direct experience and some songs came from the experiences of others or problems I perceive in society. There is family in the songs Mother, The Dragonfly And Oak and My Little Girl.

Abandonment in By The River and defiance in the face of abuse in the song Shields. The World Keeps Turning is about the cycle of life as well as the tragedies and triumphs. Seek Your Truth is about finding yourself and your purpose. Your Smile, Falling, Always Aching, Liquid Lava and Slide Into Us are songs about the ups and downs of love and relationships. I don’t consciously try to stick to a particular genre, I just go with what feels right with the song.


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