the new resistants



by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

We all started playing when we were kids…
Started in the school band and developed our tastes from there. We’ve known each other since we were kids and a couple years ago we decided to put something together. We both played guitar, but we needed a bass player, so I bought a bass, my thunderbird. Johnny always had his sunburst strat, and it was all he ever played until it got stolen down on the lower east side. Anyway, we just started writing the songs face to face, but quickly grew bored of that and wanted to hear them come alive. So we contacted a few potential drummers, and one day on a whim, showed up at the basement Donnie was living in and basically broke the door down and said “Let’s see what you got”. Our first gig was November 11, 2014 at Trash Bar in Brooklyn. We haven’t looked back since.

The song takes as its main muse an all-girl punk band from Brooklyn called Sharkmuffin. Tarra, the lead singer, got us that first gig at Trash. They have kind of a surfy, garage vibe to some of their songs. I always figured we could write a song like that. I gave Johnny the bassline and he gave it back as what you hear on the recording.
In terms of the subject matter, we liked the idea of a surf tune about a shark attack. Kind of ironic, tongue in cheek shit that we love in songwriting you know, like Back in the USSR or something like that. When taken as something abstract, the lyrics are ambiguous enough to be open to interpretation, and at the very least, when taken literally, a talking shark is hilarious.

Social media is…
great at what it is intended to do; bring people together. We’ve found a lot of great opportunities to expand our presence through social media. It’s also great for networking with other bands we’ve met along the way. Social media and the internet is just an industry must have, that any band needs to have a firm hold on if they intend to be taken seriously.

On another hand, it could also be seen as having a kind of divisive force on the music community. You know, it used to be you got your music from the radio and down the street at the record store. Now you can hear so many different kinds of music immediately, and there is so god damned much of it, the natural reaction is to categorize it down into sub-genres and organize it for easy consumption on itunes and shit. Same thing happens with people…you put them in groups according to nationality and color and they think they’re all different from one another. But its all just rock and roll for the most part.

The key to working together and staying together is…
very simply the music. We enjoy writing songs and playing them together, gigging, and getting free drinks. We are friends and for the most part have similar tastes in music.

We love playing music, and if we could all live generally fulfilling lives doing that, I think we’d all be happy.
What’s ahead…
In the short term, we are working on a music video for one of our other songs called “All in Your Head” and filming is to start in August. The ultimate goal for us as a band is to make a record we’re proud of and get it out, so we’re in contact with some smaller studios about that. Gonna ride out 2015 in New York with the odd show out of town, just to get the songs good and drunk, you know? We’d also like to hit the road next year and tour the states once we’ve got something substantial to tour behind. We’ve got things loosely planned, so we’re always right on schedule.

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