Band Name: Qraze aka Raze

What’s your song Hating About?
This song is about women being strong enough to do it alone, and it being okay. Exposing that feeling we get from men and women that we can’t explain or know where it comes from, their vibe is always off around you, or they always got something smart to say. Baby they hating on you! It’s okay to not follow everyone, it is okay to go for your dreams even if it’s alone. Haters gonna hate , I just rather them hate while I’m living my best life. ya dig?

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Where do you live?
I spend most of my time…: Sacramento, and I spend most of my time with people who make me happy. You have to spend time with people who rejuvenate you, people who GENUINELY love you and what best you.

Who has been the most influential in your music? 
My family! We all share our musical selections with each other. When I was a kid you could walk into my house at 5:30 am and every room and I do mean every room had their own genre and playlist that sounded completely different. My Pop would have everything from the early Eddie Holman to Tupac in the living room. My room was first down the hall with the 80′ and 90’s R&B with some Nelly. My brothers loved scratching on their DJ board to old tapes, and of course, my mother played out the gospel music. So I guess my answer is my family and friends.

When did you know that this was the right path for you?
I’ve heard it is what I need to be doing, yet I am but a vessel of Christ. I’m also an artist who is looking to change the world! My music tells you who I am. If you listen you can truly see. I love coming up with wordplay, telling stories and creating. Having the power to create shouldn’t be taken lightly and I hope to shift the perspective in the world. If I can help those in dark places find light and those under a rock find the strength to come out and live.

What is the biggest obstacle you have faced in your career, and how did you overcome it?
Confidence. I was taught by a Legend in the industry to throw out my Ego and let it be.

What do you want people to remember most about you and your career?
I want them to remember how I made them feel. It’s the only thing we remember in life anyway.

What are you most looking forward to this next month?
This next month I’m looking forward to putting out my next single ” BEND OVA” featuring my brother Ski.

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