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Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW Christian Helwig
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

 Reise (pronounced rye-zuh)

As an artists, I try to stay true to my roots but as a creator I also like to allow myself to wonder during creation. It’s been really beneficial to have my own studio so that I can have that level of freedom during the process.

With the Lake (deluxe) Album you can expect a voyage of human emotions that everyone has to steer through during their lifetime. It’s an album of varying moods: longing, introspection, acceptance, confusion, closure. It’s a blend of New Wave/Post-Punk Revival, Alternative Pop/Rock, and Contemporary Pop/Rock, that layers catchy hooks over uplifting string arrangements over grooving rhythms.

Music wise I would have to go with the obvious on my part and would love to have 5 minutes with Duran Duran. To speak with them about the way they keep evolving, influencing, and held it together throughout all the changes in music would be a repository of knowledge and advice I would love to tap into.



Cannot Say…
I really don’t like to say what the songs are about. Some people do get disappointed when they fit the song to their life and find out it isn’t what they thought it was. If a lyric happens to fit your situation, it really doesn’t matter what I wrote it about. I never go in trying to write about something. Sometimes I don’t even know what the song is about until I’m done and I read it back.

But since you asked nicely ─ “Cannot Say” is about that point of realization after you want to get back together with someone after a break up, and you would pretty much crawl the ends of Earth to make it happen. You’re finally there, you both reconcile, and you realize you didn’t need it. You wanted it. And it’s probably best you don’t go back and you’re OK with that ─ closure.


I live right outside New Haven, Connecticut..
and I personally wouldn’t call it a scene as we know a music scene to be (i.e. having a buzz). I really don’t venture out too much as I’m always doing something. There a few acts I would like to go see, but in general, I’m not into the sound of most the bands around here. Too much Rock oriented for me.

There are a couple music only venues that are very small, but it’s really pubs and bars.

I feel the music business is…
run by too many product manufacturing heads. It pushes the homogenized sound by Producers /Songwriters that work with the same huge Pop acts. Because of this there is no originality. No artistry. No uniqueness. Everything looks and sounds the same on mainstream radio, where the major-chunk of the music buying/listening public reside.

The Pro I have witnessed with music is that you’re able to get your music out to an unlimited amount of people. The Con is you just can’t post and expect things to happen. You have to find what works, especially when you have to do all these different sites and resources. It is another full-time job when you are by yourself.


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