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Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW SAM SHEAVY
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

Music has changed me because it allows me to be myself. What I write now compared to before tracks my life in a line. That’s what I love most about songwriting. 

For me, it’s a personal art form. I am around people all day and this has become my personal space to create and spend time with myself.


The music…
What you can expect from Sam Sheavy’s music is a unique cadence and perspective of a man growing into who he knows he will become. God and family is what I represent, and you will hear authentic battles and connections along the way. For me, the significance of my music is the timeline of which I am expressing; and to hear the progression from where I was to where I am currently, and to where I will be is humbling. If you put the work in, that will be perceived as time passes by. What is great about my music is its sound & originality but also its dealings with time. Besides, my music is meant to be heard and understood as a continual growth trance. New music is steadily being made, and as my fan base grows, so will the demand for a true album to be released which I will be ready to deliver.


Music industry…
As times have changed with technology and social media, I am glad that I have taken the time to really hone my sound and observe how music business is conducted and perceived. I love that one can create his/her own lane, then be able to travel the road to success if he/she is truly passionate, patient, and adhere to positive energy.

I feel that the music business is subjective. Everyone wants to be connected to who is hot, but no one really cares about the artistry. I have experienced situations where individuals stood me up at the studio after payment was made for studio time, where they promised their commitment and time to help build my vision and then disappear. In the music business, you have to stay true to yourself because people will try to change your sound or instruct you to “dumb it down.”

On the other hand, there are those who are not true to what they say in their songs, while there are those who are so true to their words, but no one wants to help push their music. At the end of the day, it is a business; and people will not mess with you if they do not see an opportunity to reach into your pockets to benefit them. I have learned to work alone and hope for the genuinely and right individuals to enter my space. In the meantime, I work hard and stay quiet.

Mind Right…
is a track about getting back on track, or as I put it, getting your mind right. A cold New Jersey winter in 2012 was when I wrote Mind Right. It was a year of trials and tribulations, and it reminded me of similar circumstances that I experienced in 2010, which I felt was one of the hardest years of my life. In 2010, my other half blessed me with two beautiful children who are “Irish twins” or two born in the same year, literally 9 months apart! My daughter was born in New Jersey and my son was born in Alabama. It was a year of transition – one where I was trying to figure things out for my family – figuring out work, music, location, money, school, and how to keep a roof over our heads as a young ambitious man.


I lost my job because of “downsizing” in Alabama, was away from my immediate family, and battled depression for a few months. I lost my mind and was trying to piece together those fractured parts, attempting to get my mind right. Writing “Mind Right” was therapeutic for my mental health and the recording process was timeless because of the sound, aggression, rawness, and the need to prove that music was my purpose to the naysayers. Music is my fortress of solitude, and my balance in this life. Recording is always fun & always creative; plus I am obsessed with my sound and enjoy engineering production.

What you will hear on “Mind Right” is a man battling who he knows he will be against, and who he was while piecing together word exploration. Writing “Mind Right” reminds me to always believe in myself and always stay true to my sound. “Mind Right” was recorded in my parent’s basement in a small cold room with no acoustic treatment, just SS, his words, and his dream to become a successful musician.




I live in Atlanta, Georgia..
and the music scene in Atlanta is artistic, creative, and lively; there is always inspiration. Being in the ATL locale has taught me the importance of branding, business, networking and marketing. There is always something to do in Atlanta and there are so many places to go such as Apache Café, Eddies Attic, and The Music Room just to mention a few. There is definitely an array of options to choose from on a nightly basis. The Atlanta Music Guide is a great resource on Twitter to follow and to explore Atlanta’s growing music scene.



Inspired by…
Lastly, a person that I would love to sit down with is Jesus. Admiration is definitely there because of his perspective on God, love, music, and purity. For me it is all about perspective; I am a sinner as we all are in this world, and to hear or acquire a different view in this life would be uplifting.

Sacrifice is something that Jesus knows all too well about, so to sit with him and talk about this world would be an in-depth treat for me. He inspires me to be pure, to love unconditionally, to read, and study the word. To see how he was treated and how he responded is astonishing and humbling. The message was his inspiration and it’s mine as well in regards to my music, and attempting to communicate that effectively is the challenge of every matchless storyteller.

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