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Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW SAVAN DEPAUL
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio


The music industry
is something I’d love to dive into headfirst, but only with the right people behind me. I love that there are so many talented and imaginative artists out there, and the possibilities of collaboration and creation are near-endless. I experienced that firsthand when first linking up the Vivid Kind collective, which I’ve been a part of since mid-2016. One of the biggest challenges I and other musicians experience is effectively promoting to a widespread audience and getting our music to be heard by the people.

This instrumental track (and all of the material on the EP it comes from, .cranium.scatter., was made during the sessions of recording and producing my upcoming full-length album SKETCHPAD. That album has more clear themes and concepts, so I decided to make this as a break from the album – it’s a project where I experimented and played around as a mental breather.

I generally add plenty of space/sci-fi references in my music.


This upcoming album, SKETCHPAD…
is easily my most personal and emotive record yet.It contains lots of moments where I really display a personal side I haven’t showed in asong before. SKETCHPAD also marks a ton of progression in terms of music production, as well as a few returns to the battle rap ideals that I grew up with.


I live in Royersford, PA….
I’ve been here since I was 10. The music scene here is definitely alive, but not hip-hop oriented for the most part. There’s a small number of rappers here – it’s indie folk, indie pop, acoustic, and various subgenres of rock that dominate the tri-county area. In those genres, it’s really diverse – tons of bands come to and from the numerous venues that are scattered throughout. Chaplin’s is by far the most popular music venue in the area.


I’d love to have 5 minutes to chat with…
hip hop duo Run The Jewels. The two partners, El-P and Killer Mike, have so much expertise and experience in the music business with both their solo careers and their newfound fame in RTJ. I also grew up with both of their discographies, so I have a personal connection to their songs and I attribute at little a bit of my current style to them.

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