Listen to the live interview Episode #449 Behind The Music with Jacqueline Jax

Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW MISS MCLEOD
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

Interviewing: Marlayah McLeod

I may only be 11 years old but I want to inspire others with my music and message. I’ve been bullied and picked on by people so I use my music as a way to express what I’ve been through. Through my stories I’m able to connect with other people my age who have also been through similar situations. I really hope to get my message out to as many people as possible so they don’t feel alone. My goal is to be a support to those in need. 

My Music…
Since recording My Pride, I have written a ton of other songs and recorded a few more. Music brings out so many feelings in me, that you will find that a lot of my songs are inspired by personal situations. I play a few instruments, so when I get an idea or just need to get an emotion out, I sit behind my piano or get my guitar out and start writing. One of my other favourites that I recorded is a song that has a simple title: My Song (

Age 11…
I know I am only eleven, but I have heard a lot about the music industry and the power of record labels. I follow a lot of artists really closely and try to learn from their stories….so My Song is about not being controlled by anyone…especially in the music industry. Basically, it is my song, made by me to make you stay….plain and simple. Everything on My Song is written by me down to the finger snaps. I hope to have an EP by this summer that is going to include some pretty cool stuff. I love to rap (you saw a bit on My Pride) so I hope to include some dope beats along with some rap on one of the songs. Everything will be written, composed and performed by yours truly. I am really excited!

My Pride
is about feeling SO down and wondering how to pick yourself back up. It was written at a time of “uncertainty” in my life, so I really was struggling with a way to feel confident again… so I imagined I was finding my pride in a distant land (I have a big imagination!). Really, if I could find it, then anyone can…with a little help from this song!


This song came from a special place…
I had had a rough year at school (who hasn’t had one of those?). I had gone from feeling amazing, to just feeling really low..I could not understand why certain things had happened.
I had always loved music and singing, but it wasn’t until the year was over and I went to this great music camp that was held at a recording studio that I realized how helpful music really was to me. We were given the opportunity to write a song and with the amazing people I met, we put My Pride together. It was such a great experience and I was really inspired to keep writing and recording. After my summer of music, I have not looked back; it really changed my life so much.


My Pride is my first recorded song and seems to be a favorite …
I have performed it at various events and it always gets the crowd singing along. At one show, I brought some glow sticks with me (or as I like to call them…magic wands!) and by the end of the song…we are waving them and feeling great. It makes me so happy to know that I might be able to lift someone up that is feeling down with one song. When I sing this song I want them to know that they are amazing no matter what they might be feeling. You can get through anything if you just be yourself and stick to being the best you!


Music Business…
All I can say is that I am so appreciative of all of the experiences I have had so far. The people I have worked with have really looked out for me and are really helping me prepare for my musical future. I know it will not always be perfect, but I try to keep a positive attitude and not rush into anything. I know to ask for advice when I need it. I am the type of person that asks a lot of questions before making any decisions…I am told this is going to be very helpful down the road!

I would love to have 5 minutes alone with…
I do not even have to think twice about this answer. It’s Ariana Grande. I am a huge fan!! I have seen her in concert three times now. I just love her voice and her music. I would love the chance to sit and talk with her. I’d love to get some pointers because her voice is so powerful and controlled. I also think we might have a lot in common….my first real singing performance was when I played Annie, and so was hers.

She is a huge animal lover, and so am I. Her songs come from her heart and my motto is Sing From Your Heart! I admire and am inspired by so many musicians, but Ari has a special place in my heart.