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Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW SOUNDS OF IMANI
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

Interviewing: Carole/ Gerald

We share our music in the Prison Ministry. It’s been one of the most rewarding experiences. We love to perform for the prison out reach program. 

Music business…
Although the music business is very difficult it would benefit all artists to learn all they can about the business since most artists are venturing into the vision that they have for their music career. The cons about the music business are that it presents financial difficulty to many indie artists because they do not have the backing or support that major artists acquire. It is also difficult for indie artists to obtain radio airplay in most cases.

The pros of the music business are the relationships you develop with your fans, increasing your fan base, exposure of your music into various areas, being introduced to new music relationships in the music industry, as well as Internet radio, podcast, terrestrial & satellite radio stations that are working with and supporting indie artists. This means so much to indie artists who desire to have outlets for their music to be heard. We have found this to be extremely helpful to Sounds of Imani and we are so thankful for AVA Live Radio and all they are to doing to help indie artists.


Because of Who You Are…
The song (Because of Who You Are) tells the story of our appreciation for who God is and how He has strengthened us to go through various struggles, good and bad times, all the ups and downs of life, while still managing to keep pushing forward. Part of the Because of Who You Are song lyrics says, “Looking back now I can see all through my life – the many times you’ve cared for me; so alone no one to care (same old story), but you were there to comfort me” speaks so profoundly to our innermost being.

Through help from above, and the support of family & friends who believe in our musical vision we’ve developed the energy needed to pursue the gifts and talents we’ve been blessed with regardless of any stumbling blocks we may face. It may not feel like it – but these issues build great character.



Sometimes you look at all of the hard work you’ve done and you feel under-appreciated and devalued which eventually causes you to ask the question, “What am I doing all this for?” But at that very moment when you feel like throwing in the towel someone comes along and tells you how much you have impacted their lives;


then that encouraging moment inspires you to hold your head up – don’t give up – keep it moving because there’s a blessing right around the corner! Having the opportunity to impact someone’s life is truly priceless. In addition, it feels good to be committed to following the passion of our heart in music in doing what we truly love to do most. The greatest things we’ve learned from enduring those struggles is growth, discernment, strategizing and redefining yourself as an individual and a music artist.


When listening to Because of Who You Are one can expect to be refreshed! The song is meant to encourage, uplift and positively motivate the listener. The songs that we write have a mixture of pop music and contemporary gospel that can be enjoyed by listeners from all walks of life.
Our music…
material is unique in its own way because it’s a fresh sound of crossover music. No one song sounds the same and you’ll always be able to recognize the upbeat, cool, soulful, and harmonic blend of Sounds of Imani. Of course, we came up during the time of the Motown era which left a lasting impression on how we write our original music today. Sounds of Imani enjoys working with producer Michael J. Powell (former producer for Anita Baker) and Daron Steward who have both contributed to our sound. We are currently working on new material which will be forthcoming real soon.


We live in Detroit, MI…
and as mentioned previously the biggest moment in history here was the Motown era. When Motown moved out of Detroit we felt like it left a big gap in the Detroit music industry. However, music is still alive and well in Metro Detroit and there are many venues in the Downtown Detroit area which are booming with all types of musical expression. Venues such as the Fox Theatre, GEM Theatre, Orchestra Hall, Cobo Conventional Center, Comerica Park, The Fillmore, Dirty Dog Jazz Cafe, Music Hall, and now the new Little Caesars Arena (which will be the new home of the Detroit Pistons National Basketball Association) all feature a lot of talent here in Detroit.

There are other smaller venues such as coffee houses or cafés that host weekly or monthly music events. As a matter of fact, we have own venue called “Anointed Faces Gospel Coffee House” which features spiritual, jazz, inspirational music, poetry etc., from both local and national music artists on a monthly basis. Throughout Metro Detroit, there are still a lot of talented musicians, songwriters and singers that have yet to be heard and discovered.



We would love to have 5 minutes…
alone to meet David Foster because he is an extremely talented musician, songwriter, composer and producer. He wrote “After the Love is Gone” which was performed by Earth, Wind & Fire; as well as countless other songs he wrote that were performed by other great music artists such as Celine Dion, DeBarge, Chaka Khan, Whitney Houston, etc. We find David Foster to be very impressionable to us in wisdom, knowledge, and technique in music production, arrangement, and songwriting skills. One of our ultimate goals is to write songs for other artists.


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