Living life is what creates the songs in me. I truly believe that there are songs inside of everyone. I’m just a bit better at jotting them down.

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Person Interviewing: Michael Penley

No problem with that anymore. I’m retired and do my best to stay in the moment. When I was working and raising kids it was far more a challenging. I had to prioritize. There were times I couldn’t play in bands, but even then I always found time to play a little piano or guitar and write songs.


What piece of music advice forever changed your way of thinking?
There was no advice that did that for me, but I got to see a lot of live music at a young age and that was a huge influence on me. I got my first electric guitar two weeks after the JFK assassination, right before The Beatles came to America. I also played, and still do play with a lot of different people that play a diverse range of music that I adapt to.

I live in..
Live in Crystal Lake, Illinois. It’s located about 45 miles northwest of downtown Chicago. We have some great local R&B players along with some Bluesmen and Southern Rockers.

There are a few local venues for small concerts. There are also a number of clubs where you can hear the local players on the weekend.

Song name: Don’t Let Her Break Your Lovin’ Heart

Music Genre: Pop

This song is about…
someone that had their feelings stepped on to the point where they had to walk away. We’ve all been there before or knew someone that went through it.

My music is…
about singing songs that tell tales of life, love, hope, pain & glory. There are feelings from the heart and thoughts for the head inside each song.

How do you think this release represents your current direction..
This song fits right into what I’m trying to do with my music. It shares a common story we all know.

Where do you create your music..
I perform and record my music at home in my studio. I call my studio The Alamo because it’s where I’m making my last stand. I started it in 1999 with a simple tape recorder and it’s grown into a multi-tack digital studio today. I have been recording since 1968. I’ve wrote my first song in 1966. I write songs when they hit me, at times music first, sometimes lyrics first and sometimes all at once. I use many formulae.

I also collaborate with others on songs. I play on most of the instrumental tracks and we share the vocals. I also, on occasion, get help with the solos.


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