Introducing the list of top 10 young entrepreneurs in the world in 2016. Motivational video about how old are you but, you can make Billion dollars in your young age. This video is dedicated to all young entrepreneurs who wants to make those life greatful and warthful.

Top 10 young entrepreneurs in the world

10. Thomas Persson
9. Joe Gebbia
8. Brian Chesky
7. Nathan Blecharczyk
6. Elizabeth Holmes
5. Scott Duncan
4. Eduardo Saverin
3. Yang Huiyan
2. Dustin Moskovitz
1. Mark Zuckerberg

Yang Huiyan
Age: 34
Company : Country Garden Holdings
Estimated Networth : $5.9 Billion

Elizabeth Holmes
Age: 31
Company : Theranos
Estimated Networth : $4.5 Billion

Mark Zuckerberg
Age: 31
Company: Facebook
Estimated Networth: $46.1 Billion