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Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW TRILL CUT
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

It’s important to embrace all different cultural influences in HipHop. I am promoting a very inspirational lifestyle through my music. Since my old home town lacked in a strong roll model, I strived to create a more inspiring subject matter in my music.. I want to make you think and feel, not just move your body. 

To me being innovative is.. challenging myself to exceed my own expectations. I have always felt that if you can see it, you can do it. You just have to work hard consistently. 

 I expect myself to keep being honest, creative and keep creating things differently. I want to contribute to the future of hiphop not for money but for the promotion of the genre and continuation of the life. 

In my music…
you can expect to hear sincerity, passion and the story of my up bringing which drives me to be a better individual everyday. In every song I strive to up lift the track and elevate the mind of whoever is listening at the time. I am extremely motivated and that bleeds into the pad when I’m writing but I make sure to keep a message in every track, no matter how large or small, the message is there, but the needs of the musical composition at hand is considered first. #MoneyDreams is an ambitious idea coined by myself that expresses the aspirations of all the Dream Chasers in the World. Expect to feel the vibration of a Dream Chaser when you hear my music and a story you can feel and relate to.

Listen to my music with you whole mind and your whole heart.

Music Industry…
I love the Business because I love Business and Music is my passion. I feel if I was doing anything else, I would be dealing with real “cons” but for me the only “cons” of the music business is the large budgets needed sometimes to create classic records with top artists in the industry. To work consistently in the best studios in the county you have to have larger budgets which is harder for an independent artist in the beginning stages. But once you have a foundation for yourself, I feel the cons of the Business mostly reflect how you are conducting business and maybe the business partners you are in association with.

Sound Of Life…
In this song I am reflecting on some important moments of my life but when I was still in the early stages of writing, I started to see a parallel in the things I experienced in my personal life and the things many others face in theirs. I felt the name “Sound Of Life” was only appropriate because of the parallels.

I am a man of faith as well as a man of many other complex virtues..and these virtues form the way I see the world and help me make the decisions I make. This song allows me to share a little bit of my life and relate it to the listeners that have been at some of the same points of decision that I have been in…and if not, I think the Sound Of Life helps to show the parallels of our decisions and the speed of the consequences in our unique life situations. This song is also to be served as a positive vibration to all. Please use this song to keep your mind in the right spirits and keep a mind for a better future.


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Miami, Florida…
I live in Miami FL but I am from Bunnell FL. The music scene is really live in Miami! There aren’t too many places you can go and not enjoy yourself in the city. I would recommend any Hip Hop artists to come by Miami Live in Downtown Miami for really good underground Hip Hop in a really good atmosphere. DJ Seizure really elevates the party!

I would like to have 5 mins with Rick Ross…
I admire the way he has developed his career and I also admire the dedication to self. I say self because some may say his “image” but I can sense this is not just an image but really a reflection of his mind state and what he thinks of himself. He thinks of himself as a boss and a provider to those he cares about.. family. I see myself something the same no matter the negative stereotypes that may come with that image… because I do not live up that image the same as Rick Ross. I am strive to represent every positive quality of being a boss and providing for the family. Creating wealth for those you care about and being insolvent in the place you come from. Thats “Trill Cut” to me.

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