The music business…
has changed a lot during the last years certainly with the internet. It’s still a business like any other business where we talk about profits and sales. Only money can be a danger for the creativity.
For musicians…
it has become easier to share the music. But nowadays there are so many people trying to find there way that it has become extremely difficult to be noticed. I think that confidence and a believe in what you are doing is the most important to succeed

That’s a difficult one…
There is no one that I admire but I have for many respect for what they have done. I would chose for Anne Clark because she has no alter ego, she can bring me in an emotional state and she is a philosopher. I would love to philosophize with her.


Episode #383:


We have a very musical family…
During my youth, my mother was always singing or humming. A piano was available in our living room. A few of my uncle’s were musicians in The Philharmonic Orchestra in Vienna. I joined at 7 our local harmony to play the drums. I was the youngest they ever had. I started to follow music education for a few years but didn’t finish it. At that moment my interest where really Rock and Punk music and I was a much sought drummer in local bands. At the age of 18 years I wanted to go for it and become a professional musician. At that time it was very difficult to find like minded musicians. I had enough of playing for fun, improvising without any target. Synthesizer, sequencers were introduced and I bought equipment and equipment. I arranged a special studio room at home to compose. An opportunity was given to me to start my own business and music went completely to the background. No more time and money to spend and my music knob was turned off. But I always knew that when I would have more financial security and time, I would switch on to musical modus again. So I started last year with composing again.


A Perfect Place..
is the song that we have heard. I wrote this song during the springtime in 2015 on a sunny day and I started to feel the Summer Butterlies. I wanted an easy, accessible song with a happy tune.

I live in Belgium..
and I”m not so familiar with popular Belgium Musicians. I’m proud of our New Beat history and the musician who where involved in these period. This music has been composed quickly because there was a need for new songs. I think the most beauty of that music that it is not polished. Every week we have in clubs a retro event with New Beat, Retro, Bonzai or Acid music. A revival perhaps because I see that younger people start to like to music too.

My target now is…
to build up a musical repertoire and find connection with people who love my music. It will be difficult to find me in one genre or style.I like to combine classic sounds with electronic sounds. I love classic, house, dance,instrumental music so I’ll be infected with influences from different angels.
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